The 12 Games of Christmas - Revealed!

What is it?

  • Every day for 12 days from the 25th December, we gave you a brand new game to play.
  • The first three people to comment with the correct answer scored points depending on whether they were first, second or third.
  • Not only that, but there were BONUS POINTS available for many of the games.

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Bonus Points

We've awarded special bonus points to those who were leaving us lots of comments and giving the games a go. Thanks for taking part!

5th January

For the 12th Game of Christmas CBBC gave to me... 12 bauble faces all from CBBC. 

We're taking down the CBBC Christmas tree and we've spotted 12 different CBBC faces in the baubles! Can you work out who they are in this final game?

5th January - Answers

Did you manage to figure out all the different CBBC faces in the Christmas baubles? They were: Hacker, Sasha, Jana, Hank, Radzi, Alfie, Cel, Dr Xand, Tilly, Eve, Karim and Lily!

4th January

For the 11th Game of Christmas CBBC gave to me... lost candy canes in the home of CBBC!

We've been trying to tidy away our Christmas decorations but have lost our candy canes in CBBC HQ! Can you count how many there are around the studio?

4th January - Answers

Did you manage to spot all those sneaky candy canes?! There were 10 of them! Well done if you found them all - watch the clip below to find out where they were.

3rd January

For the 10th Game of Christmas CBBC gave to me... 10 hidden words that are all wintery.

Can you find all 10 winter themed-words in our wordsearch?

3rd January - Answers

Did you find all 10 wintery words? They were: winter, ice, cold, snow, hat, robin, scarf, fireplace, gloves, ski.

2nd January

For the 9th Game of Christmas CBBC gave to me... a test on The Next Step and Taylor Swifty...

Ohhh it's a good one today. Take the quiz below to test if you know your A Troupe lines from your Taylor Swift lyrics - don't forget to comment with your score!

1st January 2017

Happy New Year!

For the 8th Game of Christmas CBBC gave to me... four different faces looking a bit funny!

Can you work out which four CBBC faces make up this face mashup?

1st January - Answers

Did you manage to find out which faces were in the mashup? It was Dom, Millie Inbetween, Naomi and Blue Peter's Barney!

31st December

For the 7th Game of Christmas CBBC gave to me... a mystery item at a party.

Out of the six items listed, which one does NOT appear in our New Year's party picture?

31st December - Answers

Ohh that looks like a fun New Year's party! Did you manage to spot the missing item? It was... the party rings!

30th December

For the 6th Game of Christmas CBBC gave to me... a game with six differences to see.

Hank is performing at the school musical, but can you spot all six differences in these pictures?

30th December - Answers

Ooh this was a tricky one! did you manage to spot all six?

29th December

For the 5th Game of Christmas CBBC gave to me... a confusing counting game to test what I can see.

We all know there's Five Gold Rings in the song... but how many silver ones are there? How many silver rings can you count in the image below?

29th December - Answers

Eep that one made our eyes go funny! Did you manage to count all of the silver rings? There were 22 of them! Congratulations to everyone who managed to count them all.

28th December

On the 4th Game of Christmas CBBC gave to me... a game of charades all about emojis.

Can you figure out which emojis Katie and Karim are acting out?

28th December - Answers

Did you guess all four emojis? Karim and Katie are here with the answers!

1. Sassy Woman

2. Mouse

3. Strong Arm

4. Ghost

27th December

For the 3rd Game of Christmas CBBC gave to me... three festive films made from just emojis.

Can you name the three films described in emojis below?

27th December - Answers

Did you manage to get all three festive films? They were...

1. The Snowman

2. The Polar Express

3. The Nightmare Before Christmas

26th December

For the 2nd Game of Christmas CBBC gave to me... two surprise gifts under the tree.

Someone left the gift tags off these presents! Can you guess which CBBC characters they they are for, and what is inside?

26th December - Answers

Did you solve the christmas gift riddles? Martha from So Awkward got a new microscope, and Maud from The Worst Witch got a broomstick!

25th December

On the 1st Game of Christmas CBBC gave to me... two mystery faces disguised with clothes so you can't see!

Can you name the two CBBC faces we've covered with festive outfits below?

25th December - Answers

Did you solve the 1st Game of Christmas? Our mystery faces were... Dr Chris and Dr Xand from Operation Ouch! Well done to everyone who got it right.

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