Challenge 3 - Make the enlarging potion

In this potions challenge Miss Hardbroom needs you to make the enlarging potion.

With this potion it will make the ingredients easier to find.

Challenge 2 - Make the floatation bubble transformation potion

Miss Hardbroom needs you to collect two bugle shells, two dragonworts and three magic pine cones for this weeks spell.

Make the floatation bubble potion and cast the spell to walk on water.

Challenge 1 - Make the animal transformation potion

Collect the ingredients Miss Hardbroom has asked you to get to make the animal transformation potion and turn into a bat.


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  • Comment number 629. Posted by gymfan2009

    16 Jun 2018 19:01
    I'm on this game none stop but now I have to go to bed
  • Comment number 628. Posted by moon walker 782

    16 Jun 2018 11:33
    Wallaby24 go back to the castle were the arrow is ponting.
  • Comment number 627. Posted by lilac night owl

    14 Jun 2018 18:49
    there are no more choke berrys what will i do ?
  • Comment number 626. Posted by Wallaby24

    13 Jun 2018 20:04
    i do not know what to do after collecting all my ingredients-please help me!
  • Comment number 625. Posted by U17028171

    12 Jun 2018 20:09
    Do you actually do enything with your cat?🐈Please can someone tell me.
  • Comment number 624. Posted by U17028171

    10 Jun 2018 8:56
    Such a cool game!!!🙂😊but doesn’t miss hardbroom have other students to collect her potion ingredients?
    Like if you agree
  • Comment number 623. Posted by U17035037

    1 Jun 2018 16:37
    flying as a bat is cool!
    like if u agree

  • Comment number 622. Posted by U17035037

    1 Jun 2018 16:10
    I just LOVE this game!!! :-)
  • Comment number 621. Posted by U16994160

    31 May 2018 12:28
    so fun!!!!!
  • Comment number 620. Posted by hi 345

    29 May 2018 16:43
    I do like this game but I am having difficulty trying to help Mildred!!
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