The Worst Witch: Magic Adventure

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Challenge 3 - Make the enlarging potion

In this potions challenge Miss Hardbroom needs you to make the enlarging potion.

With this potion it will make the ingredients easier to find.

Challenge 2 - Make the floatation bubble transformation potion

Miss Hardbroom needs you to collect two bugle shells, two dragonworts and three magic pine cones for this weeks spell.

Make the floatation bubble potion and cast the spell to walk on water.

Challenge 1 - Make the animal transformation potion

Collect the ingredients Miss Hardbroom has asked you to get to make the animal transformation potion and turn into a bat.


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  • Comment number 688. Posted by U17536231

    17 Mar 2019 10:42
    Miss Hardbroom could say please.😒
  • Comment number 687. Posted by Voltronlover

    10 Mar 2019 12:56
    If olay you could change the hair but apart from that the game is nice.

  • Comment number 686. Posted by U17266582

    9 Mar 2019 12:21
  • Comment number 685. Posted by U17536231

    9 Mar 2019 11:51
  • Comment number 684. Posted by U17536231

    9 Mar 2019 11:50
    great game. i am stiil playin while writing
  • Comment number 683. Posted by U17561191

    9 Mar 2019 11:21
    good game
  • Comment number 682. Posted by U17542518

    5 Mar 2019 18:12
    this game is so hard!:(
  • Comment number 681. Posted by dramaticus

    22 Feb 2019 18:15
    I am just a newbie at Cackle's academy
  • Comment number 680. Posted by Jp

    14 Feb 2019 10:33
    slime face rabbit 654 says: I absolutely love this show and I love this show it is my favourite show on cbbc, and I really want to see the cast.
  • Comment number 679. Posted by U17324433

    1 Feb 2019 14:48
    The only thing I can say is I absolutely love it 😍👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
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