Secret Life of Boys

Press the buttons to get extra jokes and press the blue glows to collect secrets!

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  • Comment number 805. Posted by Lucky

    16 Jan 2017 12:12

  • Comment number 804. Posted by kittycat

    23 Dec 2016 9:36
    Its ok i guess
  • Comment number 803. Posted by Mikey

    20 Dec 2016 18:01
    This comment was removed because it broke the rules. Explain
  • Comment number 802. Posted by U16637522

    18 Dec 2016 12:36
    LOL This is Funny Everyone will love this I think anyone at the age of 6 to 15 will enjoy this
  • Comment number 801. Posted by Star

    15 Oct 2016 17:59
    Nearly done!!:)
  • Comment number 800. Posted by Star

    15 Oct 2016 17:00
    Still only half way through. At least when you are signed in, it saves what you have done!:)
  • Comment number 799. Posted by bluepeterfan9

    15 Oct 2016 8:24
    I love itβ™₯οΈπŸŽ€
  • Comment number 798. Posted by Star

    9 Oct 2016 18:41
    This is so cool! I wonder when i'll get to actually finish this thing;)
  • Comment number 797. Posted by Bubblefairy123

    9 Oct 2016 9:52
    Yes I completed the game!when are they gonna start putting Halloween things up?
    Because I have my coustume and I ❀️ It!
  • Comment number 796. Posted by U16598802

    24 Sep 2016 17:17
    i dont get this game!!
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