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  • Comment number 1160. Posted by JadeKeyboardHedgehog

    19 Jun 2015 18:24
    I click on it to play but it wouldn't load so it is a rubbish game !:( Why don't we have gam builder back! Why!!:(

    [Edited by Moderator]
  • Comment number 1159. Posted by RedVioletQuietOwl

    18 Jun 2015 9:09
    my character wont move and im a laptop why is this happening
  • Comment number 1158. Posted by NavyBlueFunkyBaboon

    17 Jun 2015 16:42
    like this if u want game builder back
  • Comment number 1157. Posted by StarstoneTwirlingCrab

    16 Jun 2015 19:57
    its rubbish find it boring i nearly fell asleep!!!
  • Comment number 1156. Posted by GingerSnowyLlama

    16 Jun 2015 15:56
    why can I not control it??????
  • Comment number 1155. Posted by SunstoneLaughingKiwi

    14 Jun 2015 12:42
    it does not work when I play
  • Comment number 1154. Posted by AzureTennisWhale

    13 Jun 2015 17:49
    please get back gamebuilder
  • Comment number 1153. Posted by JetWinteryBuzzard

    13 Jun 2015 12:45
    This comment was removed because it broke the rules. Explain
  • Comment number 1152. Posted by JadeHilariousBanana

    13 Jun 2015 11:59
    my character isn't moving!!!!!!
  • Comment number 1151. Posted by AzureLittleCat

    12 Jun 2015 19:58
    I hate this game is 😂
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