Jamie Johnson: Rise of the Phoenix


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  • Comment number 111. Posted by U17525975

    17 Feb 2019 16:49
    This is a really good game! The only problem is that I am on level 12 and nobody is talking to me! I don't know why!
  • Comment number 110. Posted by U17182481

    17 Feb 2019 14:12
    i think U17182481 is right it really does end quickly, so quick i played the whole game 3 times+
  • Comment number 109. Posted by U17182481

    17 Feb 2019 14:02
    i love the music on level 16 like if u agree
  • Comment number 108. Posted by U17366860

    17 Feb 2019 13:26
    I think it is over too quick so please make more levels like with the Next Step and the Worst Witch!
  • Comment number 107. Posted by U17093541

    17 Feb 2019 13:24
    Its a great game but the only bad thing about it is, it doesn't save progress.
  • Comment number 106. Posted by Rif916

    17 Feb 2019 12:32
    i wish this could be a role play game that is online.
  • Comment number 105. Posted by U17524590

    17 Feb 2019 10:16
    Such a fun game. I LOVE JAMIE JOHNSON
  • Comment number 104. Posted by jetsweetgiraffe

    17 Feb 2019 8:09
    U17182481 I​ can so relate to this and also when you practise it is so hard to get it in the right place.
    bluedancingdog I​ can also agree to you too.
  • Comment number 103. Posted by U17182481

    16 Feb 2019 19:03
    helpppp meeee!!! plz😥😥
  • Comment number 102. Posted by U17182481

    16 Feb 2019 19:01
    i'm gonna be sick coz of all the practices this wants me to do. like or reply to this if u can relate
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