Beastly Boxset

Game Bug Fixed

We realise that some of you were unable to play the game, we are really sorry about that! We have been busy working away and the game is now fixed and ready to be played. Hurrah! Please let us know in the comments if you’re experiencing any more issues.

New Levels Added!

Groovy Greeks

From marathons to mathematics, these amazing quests won't Greece to amaze you, get it? Greece to amaze you? Hang with Hippocrates, the grooviest doctor in history, or dodge discus at the Olympic stadium!

Wonderful Windrush

The Wonderful Windrush Boxset explores the amazing lives of soulful heroes who braved the rain and the rubble to put the Great into Great Britain, and the callaloo in the soup!

Throughout each era you will go on gruesome quests, meet famous historical figures and encounter some unwanted surprises!

Can you help us with the hidden items mystery?

There’s some strange stuff afoot in Beastly Boxset - odd things are appearing without warning where there was nothing before. Can you help us hunt them down? 

We've got some clues to work with. First, this code seems important: 

⬅️ ➡️ ⬅️ ➡️ ⬆️ ⬇️

Now we're quite sure there are two unexpected appearances connected to specific places in each era:

*** Stormin' Normans ***

  1. We know there's something valuable out of place near where a particular rock is mined
  2. A certain individual of the conquering persuasion is hanging around near a campsite

*** Awful Egyptians ***

  1. An iconic mask waits to be discovered in a room where you might find lots of treasure
  2. Meowing has been heard around the home of a wealthy resident. What's that all about?

 *** Slimy Stuarts ***

  1. A tropical fruit is rumoured to be found somewhere high above the streets, perched on a window ledge
  2. This pronged eating instrument can be seen somewhere near some interesting taxidermy and a curious rodent

*** Vile Victorians ***

  1. Something this festive probably shouldn't be found so close to the old man's fireplace...
  2. A colourful treat hides close to an old gentleman's pocket watch and newspaper

Can you help us figure out what these items are? Comment below to tell us what you find...

Have you spotted the rats?

 Collecting rats won’t help you with quests, but did you know there are 12 to collect in each era? See if you can find them all.

Do you need help with the game?

Let us know in the comments below what you need help with and we will provide some walkthroughs.

Did you know there are hint givers in each level? Find out who they are below for some hints and tips.

Vile Victorian Walkthroughs

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Ancient Egyptian Walkthroughs

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Stormin' Normans Walkthroughs

Check out some walkthroughs from the Stormin' Norman chapter

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