Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed: Leg It!

Take on action-packed challenges, slime your enemies, play as your favourite characters from the Dennis & Gnasher TV show as you run, jump, slide and grind your way to the finish line.

You can also download the game to take on the go: Dennis & Gnasher: Leg It app

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  • Comment number 157. Posted by midnightmagic

    5 hours ago
    I think that this is hard
  • Comment number 156. Posted by U17262251

    7 Nov 2018 16:40
    This game is amazing its not that hard ethier
  • Comment number 155. Posted by starlightrainbows

    28 Oct 2018 16:19
    I got stuck on play ground level 3 I cant get past the tower of blocks can anyone help
  • Comment number 154. Posted by U17204788

    28 Oct 2018 13:43
    I am so stuck on Playground level 10! I can’t get the ‘M’ in the BLAM! Can anyone help?
  • Comment number 153. Posted by U17155246

    25 Oct 2018 20:29
    i love this game! ❤ 😍
  • Comment number 152. Posted by U17221324

    23 Oct 2018 18:16
    I love Dennis and Gnasher unleashed leg it !
    It’s so fun!
  • Comment number 151. Posted by U17135790

    23 Oct 2018 12:13
    I have finished the park level
  • Comment number 150. Posted by U17135790

    22 Oct 2018 20:14
    I love this game
  • Comment number 149. Posted by U17208974

    17 Oct 2018 16:22
    I just unlocked the highstreet and it is the best ❤️🖤❤️🖤
  • Comment number 148. Posted by U17208974

    16 Oct 2018 18:18
    I love this game it’s addictive!! 😍😂
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