Danger Mouse: Tech-cellent Adventure

Join Danger Mouse and Penfold as you take on Quark's clone army in the Suspicious Industry's space station and see if you can beat Squawkencluck's computer brained menace, Bighead!

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Full Review: Overall it is amazing, only it would be better if you could play as other characters e.g. Jeopardy Mouse - LunaLovegoodRavenclawforever

Full Review: It’s a great game, I love all the levels and the fact that they’ve all got something different! It would be great if we could choose and/or create our own characters! - U17832314

Full Review: This game is amazing and would 100% give it 5 stars. Some levels are fun and easy and others are a bit more challenging but all the levels are exciting. This is probably my favourite CBBC game. All I would change is to add seasonal levels, like a 'Melted' level for Christmas. - PrincessVioletHusky

Full Review: I really like Danger Mouse Infinity, the game planning is detailed and complexed. It is a fun game it just needs more background story in each section! Other then that Love it!! - Glittery Suger Blossom

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