Customise your own Formula E car!

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Find out how you can follow all the action from the Formula E season on BBC Sport!


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  • Comment number 47. Posted by U17270232

    17 Feb 2019 11:26
    Also don't do red base, orange accent skull and cross bones with color burst helmet. It looks dreadful because all the colors clash
  • Comment number 46. Posted by U17270232

    17 Feb 2019 11:22
    If you want your car to look good, do not do the following

    Jet black base

    green accent

    diamond bling

    team gb
  • Comment number 45. Posted by U17270232

    17 Feb 2019 11:19
    Mine turned out rubbish but it was a great game
  • Comment number 44. Posted by U17098693

    14 Feb 2019 18:42
    pretty cool
  • Comment number 43. Posted by U17320626

    12 Feb 2019 16:35
    This is a great game . It teaches children the body parts of a car.
  • Comment number 42. Posted by U17480619

    10 Feb 2019 13:20
    It was so cool.😃
  • Comment number 41. Posted by U17405662

    9 Feb 2019 19:49
    This comment was removed because it broke the rules. Explain
  • Comment number 40. Posted by amazingrunningrabbit

    9 Feb 2019 16:35
  • Comment number 39. Posted by U17304009

    9 Feb 2019 14:00
    @1HarryPotterFan, I absolutely love your design, I think it Rocks!!! 😀🐘
  • Comment number 38. Posted by U17509860

    9 Feb 2019 11:00
    i chosed space blue aqua shooting star and super star!
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