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Share what you've been making using the CBBC Creation Station. Once you've saved your work in the game, click on the blue "Send your stuff" button below to share it with CBBC - it might even get on TV or the CBBC website where everyone can see your masterpieces!

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  • Don't sendPersonal details
  • Don't sendStuff with other people
  • Don't sendAnything naughty
  • Don't sendStuff we didn't ask for
the rules.

Christmas Jigsaw Designs

We want to see your festive art creations! Use the awesome stickers, pens and brushes to create some wonderful wintry art and it could be featured in our set of CBBC Christmas Jigsaws, right here on the CBBC Website. All you have to do is make sure you send in your designs and pictures using the blue button above and you could see your work used in the jigsaw set released on the website in December.


The possibilities are endless in CBBC Creation Station's Create area. Mash-up your fave shows and stars with hundreds of stickers, finesse an artistic masterpiece or just get messy with the paint - it's a blank canvas and it's yours to fill!

Colour In

Whether you are a stickler for staying within the lines or prefer making your own boundaries, there's a Colour In for everyone in the CBBC Creation Station. From redesigning your favourite characters to jazzing up seasonal pictures, you can spend plenty of time filling in the finer details in the Colour In area.


We set the challenges, you get creative! Join in with our arty challenges and your work could be shown on TV! Get CBBC HQ ready for Christmas, colour in the perfect wrapping paper or even craft the coolest snowman - check out the Challange area to get started!


Splat, pop, spin and tap your way through the CBBC Creation Station's awesome games in the Play area! Take some time to chill out and paint in some tiny pixels, get super messy in the world of Painty Ball or create some eye-popping and unique looking designs with Spin Art.

Please don’t include any personal details in the art that you make in Creation Station, whether you are sending it in to CBBC or not. Creation Station stores some of your work onto the device you are using while you are making it.

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