CBBC Advent Calendar 2018


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  • Comment number 136. Posted by GalaxyDreamKitty

    3 hours ago
    This game is AWESOME! Christmas only comes once every year, and this game reminds us everyday we are getting closer!!! The challenges are so cool, I can't wait for tomorrow's one!
    Have a very merry Crimbo, guys! :D
  • Comment number 135. Posted by U17385584

    4 hours ago
    I love this game!
    It reminds me how close to Christmas we are each day!
    Also I can see all my fave CBBC characters in fun challenges.
  • Comment number 134. Posted by Book reader dancer

    8 hours ago
    "Decoding audio data failed"
    Every single time this comes on, it always takes me
    10-15 minutes to get this on!!!
  • Comment number 133. Posted by GalaxyBear

    13 hours ago
    I love this game! The challenges are fun and I cant wait to play the next one. Also remember to have a very merry Christmas,Xmas or Crimbo!!!! :)
  • Comment number 132. Posted by U17373597

    13 hours ago
    Good! :)
  • Comment number 131. Posted by U17373597

    13 hours ago
    I used to ignore this game, but now I actually like it! Now, I saw it saying you got a treat on Christmas day. I can't wait! Please like if you agree!
  • Comment number 130. Posted by lemon08

    15 Dec 2018 19:11
    Merry Christmas. I really like this game but it never saves. Is it just me or do the jigsaw pieces either move themselves into place or not want to go in their spot? I agree with everyone who thinks the challenges are easy please like if you agree with me.
  • Comment number 129. Posted by GalaxyChameleonFairy

    15 Dec 2018 14:49

    I agree.
  • Comment number 128. Posted by GoalkeeperLover101

    15 Dec 2018 13:51
    The challenges are way too easy
  • Comment number 127. Posted by U17371273

    15 Dec 2018 13:20
    i agree with many peeps. can u make them a bit harder? :)
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