Build a Band!

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  • Comment number 48. Posted by U17463364

    17 Mar 2019 19:59
    they should have done Max and Harvey
  • Comment number 47. Posted by Happy_pet

    17 Mar 2019 19:31
    My band is:
    Male vocalist: Shawn Mendez
    Female vocalist: Camilla Cabao
    Guitar: George Ezra
    Drums: Ashton Irwin ( 5 Seconds of Summer )
  • Comment number 46. Posted by U17529644

    17 Mar 2019 16:48
    My band:
    Ariana Grande
    Shawn Mendes
    Taylor Swift
    Tristan Evans
  • Comment number 45. Posted by U17520551

    17 Mar 2019 16:31
    My band is....
    George Ezra
    Tristan Evans
    Camila Cabello

  • Comment number 44. Posted by PartyPenguin

    17 Mar 2019 12:17
    My band Is...
    Shawn Mendes
    George Ezra
    Tristan Evans

    Like if you agree!!
  • Comment number 43. Posted by U17446967

    17 Mar 2019 11:34
    My band is.....
    Shawn Mendes
    Camila Cabello
    George Ezra
    Andy Hurley (that is my surname so I chose him, I don’t know who he is though)

    They have all got amazing ranges and vocals so I thought they would sound really good together.
  • Comment number 42. Posted by U17568468

    16 Mar 2019 17:21
    My band has Stormzy, Taylor Swift, Camilla Cabello and George Ezra!
  • Comment number 41. Posted by diamondmoon13

    16 Mar 2019 16:43
    To PinkAppleSquidWizard,
    The exact same band as mine!
    Shawn Mendes
    Tristan (vamps)
    George Ezra
    Ariane Grande

    Like if u agree xxx
  • Comment number 40. Posted by TNSCBBC123

    16 Mar 2019 16:32
    My band is
    Shawn Mendes
    Camilla Cabello
    Miley Cyrus
    Tristan Evans
    Like if you love CBBC quizzes!
  • Comment number 39. Posted by PinkAppleSquidWizard

    16 Mar 2019 11:48
    My Band is...
    Ariana Grande!
    Shawn Mendes!
    George Ezra!
    Tristan Evans!

    Great Game!

    🍎🦑⚡Apple 🍎🦑⚡
    🔴🍎🌟Limited Edtion~TRNOTD!🌟🍎🔴
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