Virtual Blue Peter Garden


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  • Comment number 58. Posted by U17471126

    16 Mar 2019 17:22
    How old is Shelley? Eat your greens!
  • Comment number 57. Posted by U17475952

    13 Mar 2019 16:57
    Tell us when it will come :)
  • Comment number 56. Posted by U17475952

    13 Mar 2019 16:55
    Omg! I'm really excited. I can't wait to see it xx
  • Comment number 55. Posted by YellowPerkyWombat

    9 Mar 2019 16:19
    Sounds awesome. Seems like this was posted ages ago though. Hope it will be done soon
  • Comment number 54. Posted by U17224985

    18 Feb 2019 18:41
  • Comment number 53. Posted by fluffyunicornyolo

    16 Feb 2019 12:52
    It needs to come soon !!!!

    We have all been waiting for EVER is it ever gonna come . You need to hurry up
    We have been waiting from about October it has been four months since this site was realeased
    We need bp official to reply please
    Thank you

    🦄🦄💩fluffyunicornyolo 💩🦄🦄
  • Comment number 52. Posted by U17161341

    16 Feb 2019 9:27
  • Comment number 51. Posted by U17405701

    28 Jan 2019 19:50
    I can’t wait, I think it’ll come out on the first of January 2019!


    Ahem, official BP, we’re waiting on you. 4 months now and soon it’ll be 5!! In your comment, you said it will be worth the wait. I’m not trying to be rude, but I don’t think that’s the case if we are checking every day for the Virtual Garden but we get the same old thing. PLEASE!!!!!!!! I hope it’s done by March, because I’m really upset.

  • Comment number 50. Posted by CuteBlackCat

    27 Jan 2019 19:58
    When is it ever going to come? It's taking FOREVER..
  • Comment number 49. Posted by Cutepuppypaws123

    27 Jan 2019 17:04
    Hey @OfficialBluePeter, please tell us when it's becoming available because we have been waiting for several months and it's already 2019!
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