CBBC Rules For Uploads

Don’t share personal details

Personal details are things that could identify you to other people - like your surname, address, phone number, email, school name or school uniform details. You are not allowed to share this information for your own safety.

All creations must be suitable for children

CBBC is for children between the ages of 6-15 years old. This means you cannot send in creations that contain anything that would be unsuitable for a 6 year old child to look at, like violence, swearing, rude words, or references to unsuitable films, games or TV shows.

No pictures of other people

If you’re sending a photo or video of yourself to CBBC, make sure that yours is the only face in the photo/video. Your parent has given us permission to show your face but we don’t have permission to show other people’s faces in your creations.

Only use photos/videos you’ve taken

You must only send in photos and videos that you’ve made yourself. You can’t send in things that you’ve found on the internet or which belong to your friends.

No unsuitable films, bands or TV shows

Your creations must not talk about certificate 15 or 18 films and games. You should also not talk about music stars and other celebrities who are unsuitable for children.

No spam or advertising

We do not allow creations that feature brand names or logos. That might include branding on your clothing so try not to wear clothing with prominent logos in videos and photographs that you send to us.

Stick to the topic

Make sure your creation is relevant to the topic. For example, don’t share a picture of your guitar if we’ve asked you to send a picture of your football top.

No copying other people

Please don't copy and paste anything you haven’t made yourself. 

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