Steve's made it and is on top of the world!

Well done Stevie B - CBBC is proud of you!

Steve's safe and sound!

What an epic journey it's been. Steve spent this afternoon descending Tre Cime and is now getting warm and celebrating his success with the crew.  

13:00 Helen's getting excited

The climbing team are nearly at the summit. The helicopter is getting ready to fly off. Steve's nearly smashed this epic challenge! 

Stay right here for updates within the hour.

12:00 The helicopter has arrived

Don't worry! The helicopter is there to capture amazing shots of Steve reaching the summit. Eoin (the producer) seems to think Steve will be summiting in about an hour! Make sure you're here for when he makes it to the top!

11:00 Steve braces for incoming weather!

An unpredicted cloudy weather front has just appeared mid climb. Steve and the team are experts and will continue to safely climb to the top.

Wish him good luck in the comments below!

10:00 Steve stays strong

"When over coming big problems and facing challenges, keep strong, happy and things will work out in the end. Making everything worth while." - Stevie B

Wish Steve good luck in the comments below as he starts the most challenging part of the climb. 

09:00 Helen's keeping her eye on the team

A ray of warmth has arisen over the horizon which is welcomed by the climbers. Helen's stood at the base doing a great job reporting back to everyone watching. 

Steve's one third of the way up the mountain - but the next section is tough, vertically challenging and will take much longer to conquer.

Go Go Go!

Steve and the climbing crew were up and ready at 04:30 to face their mountain!

It's minus 12 degrees celsius outside with sunshine and clouds - cold, harsh, but safe enough to climb. 

Wish Steve the very best of luck in the comments below and stay right here for updates throughout the day. 

Saturday 3rd March 07:30 - 18:00 GMT

Steve checks out the summit of Tre Cime before his climb tomorrow morning. Come back in the morning to check out Steve's progress. 

Send Steve good luck messages in the comments below.

Steve takes on Tre Cime

Tomorrow Steve will face his mountain and climb to the peak of Tre Cime. 

What are The Dolomites?

The Dolomites are a mountain range in northern Italy that are made out of Dolomite rock. Tre Cime are three mountains within the range.

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