Useful websites for your safety

Whether you are worried, scared or upset about anything at all, there is someone out there to help you.  Below is our list of organisations to help you and your safety, no matter what your problem is.

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You can talk to ChildLine online or by phone whenever you need to. Whatever your worry, its better out than in. 

Think U Know? - (CEOP)

If you or a friend are worried about something that's happened to you online or you're uncomfortable with something that another person on the internet is asking you to do, then don't keep it to yourself - you can report it here.

Kidsmart -

For anyone aged 3-11 years old.

Learn about your Internet safety on adventures with Smartie the Penguin, or Captain Kara and the SMART Crew.

Netsmartz Kids -

For anyone aged 5-10 years old.

Learn with Clicky through games and videos about how to make yourself safe online.  

Netsmartz Tweens -

For anyone aged 8-12 years old.

Find out how to best protect yourself online through videos, games and the real life experiences from people your age.

Internet Matters

Advice for parents about cyberbullying, from Internet Matters.

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