Meet the Freedom Fighters!


Skye has the weight of the galaxy on her shoulders. She would love nothing more than to have been a normal teenager. But somehow it’s fallen to her to save the universe!

A genius coder, Skye understands programming better than anything else.

She’s headed out to recruit Freedom Fighters all with specific skills to help take down the out of control A.I, Sciron.


Catara was born into Kaladian high society and has always understood how powerful people get things done. She has manners, education and a ruthless streak, developed during time spent in the defence forces. She can take orders, but can't shake off her super-smart, cunning and questioning nature. That means she always wants to analyse and strategise to fully understand what is being asked of her - and sometimes her commanders find that a challenge.

Outwardly she's friendly, calm and sophisticated. Catara can fit effortlessly into any room - people tend to believe everything she says - and she only stands out when she wants to.

Characteristics: Steely and precise, Reliable, Daring!


A genius prodigy, Dexx was one of the few scientists in Kaladian society who considered himself too good for the Sciron project – he prefers to work alone. He can come across as quite immature, loves word-play and puzzles but is less fond of physical challenges. If only he had a couple of hours, he’s sure he could knock-up a device to solve this whole problem for us.

Dexx doesn’t like to be bored and will often need to be given some busywork to keep him from interrupting while commanders come up with a plan. Massively intelligent, Dexx is a born problem-solver and fast worker.

Characteristics: Massively intelligent, Logical, Fast worker!


A celebrated member of the Ykarus First Response Team, Tal has saved dozens of lives. Having grown up working in the cargo hold, she is tough, strong and never afraid of hard work. As you would expect of someone who rushes into dangerous situations when others are running away, Tal is all about action.

On the front foot, she immediately takes stock of the situation and gets to work. She has learned to weigh up risk and knows her limitations. She would be the first to say she is a doer not a thinker; intricate, delicate tasks are always going to leave her frustrated. Tal is trained to focus on outcomes and achieving objectives. She keeps the team together, works collaboratively and leads from the front.

 Tal is strong and tough, loves being part of a team and is always calm in dangerous situations.

Characteristics: Very Strong, Cool under pressure, Tough!


Vaygus was in prison when Sciron’s virus hit Kaladian society and he escaped, immune, in the resulting chaos. Skye recruited him soon after. He is a master at keeping to the shadows and out of the sight of security systems. Despite being fit and strong, Vaygus doesn’t like physical confrontation and tries to talk himself out of sticky situations with help from the commanders to say the right thing.

Always out for a quick win, Vaygus will try to pocket anything that looks valuable and the commanders will need to work hard to keep him focused in a room full of valuable technology... Oh, and he's very handsome - He’ll probably mention that!

Characteristics: Stealthy and smooth, Sharp, Observant!


Brodie was an underground activist in Kaladian society, promoting a louder voice for the young and making a living running packages and messages between colonies.

She moves fast, thinks fast, talks fast and would rather react in the moment than plan. She finds it hard to respect any sort of authority – including Skye’s – although she sees the commanders as fellow revolutionaries and comrades she can trust.

Brodie can get into spaces and over walls that would stop others in their tracks and is very impressed with her own abilities. She’s not above showing off, even in dangerous situations.

Characteristics: Fearless, Lightning-fast reflexes, Instinctive


Makira is a tech genius and was part of the original team who constructed the Comms and IT infrastructure for the station. She had dreams of starting her own starship manufacturing company until the virus struck.

Makira is socially quite awkward and much better with machines than people - put her in front of a shiny piece of tech and she lights up. Her brain moves very quickly, as does her speech, and she likes elegant solutions to problems – the quickest, most efficient result, achieving the greatest benefit.

Characteristics: Tech genius, Quick thinking, Full of ideas


Vennvo was infamous across the galaxy as a man who could get any job done, regardless of how dangerous or illegal it might be – then the virus was released which reduced all his employers to husks.

Vennvo thinks about one thing, boosting his reputation! He wants everyone in the universe to know just how impressive he is. 

Characteristics: Physically powerful, Determined, Competitive


 Zarq was a famous but mysterious figure in Kaladian society. He was influential and well-connected, but it was never entirely clear where his fame and fortune came from. There was speculation he may have been a special agent – he certainly has a keen eye for secrets and loves to poke his nose into places it shouldn’t be.

Zarq is always smooth and charming, yet also wants to try things out, just to see what will happen. He finds fun in even the most dangerous of situations – and is usually up for doing it all over again. He loves a dare and will sometimes end up doing something reckless just to prove he can.

Characteristics: Super athletic, Cunning, Decisive

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