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Ykarus Biotech’s most audacious experiment involved the design of the universe’s most advanced artificial intelligence, Sciron. In the wake of the loss of life during The Sickness, Sciron was created to cure and eliminate disease from the Kaladian population forever.

As Sciron became more powerful and more capable, she began to find the minds, behaviours and bodies of the Kaladians too… weak. Too… emotional. Too… inefficient.

Sciron secretly developed the digital perfecting Virus to do exactly that and transmitted it within the space station. It knits itself into the brains of the Kaladians. It protects their health but turns them into emotionless, unfeeling drones at Sciron’s disposal. Husks!

Sciron's only just begun and shes going to make us all perfect!


The cybers were initially nothing more than industrial automated workers on the Ykarus Biotech station. Able to lift heavy goods and maintain the station’s functionality without ever tiring, they were a perfect, reliable and obedient workforce.

However, once Sciron began her perfecting process, she quickly replaced the Cybers with her Husks, who, in Sciron’s eyes, shared many of the same traits as the Cybers: reliable, obedient and entirely controllable. In turn, Sciron re-programmed the Cybers to serve as enforcers on board the station, staving off any signs of mutiny, rebellion or revolt. Unwavering and relentless, the Cybers are a force to be reckoned with.

Characteristics: Reliable, obedient and entirely controllable!


Morka’s were once part of the Ykarus Biotech workforce: scientists, pilots, engineers. When Sciron first began her endeavour to create the Perfection Virus she created a prototype version and used members of the Ykarus Biotech crew to test it on. The subjects were ignorant to the fact they had been exposed to the virus.

This prototype version was deeply flawed, seriously harming and mutating its unwilling hosts. Once brilliant and active individuals fell victim to the prototype virus, dramatically altering their physical appearance and making them unrecognisable as the people they once were.

Characteristics: Highly aggressive, resistant, incredible strength, avoid the light.

Doctor Kline

Kline is in thrall to the idea of eliminating disease from the population. He’s aware of the side effects of the Perfection vaccination and virus, but believes wholeheartedly that they’re a price worth paying to eliminate sickness.

He’s loyal to Sciron and is doing what he can to refine the virus to make it effective on 100% of the Kaladian population.

Characteristics: He will do whatever he can to achieve Sciron's vision.

Space Pirates

The universe is awash with colourful characters and legends of the starscape. And few have as many legendary stories as that of the Space Pirates. Actively fighting the tide of order, the Space Pirates seek to bring chaos to anyone who crosses their path. Anarchy rules. Made up of opportunists, thieves and smugglers, the Space Pirates will take what isn’t theirs and seek to turn it into a profit to spend on the dens and dives of the off-world colonies.

Characteristics: Will cause chaos and loot everyone and everything that crosses their path.

Are you ready to meet the Freedom Fighters?

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