Amy in Just a Girl is transgender. What does this mean?

The word ‘gender’ is about being male or female. Most people are happy with their gender. For example, a baby born male will be happy to be known as a boy as he grows up.

But some people might not feel that is right for them. Some feel that they were born into the wrong body, or that the way they were born is does not fit who they are. So for example, sometimes a person born a girl might feel that they are male, or not fully a girl or boy.

People who feel this way are known as transgender, or trans.

Other people may just feel they don’t quite ‘fit’ with typical boys and girls but this doesn’t mean they are trans. Everyone can play around with different clothes, toys or hairstyles and have fun!

As people get older and are more sure that they are trans, they might choose a new name or wear different clothes.

No matter what, everyone deserves to be treated fairly and kindly.

If you feel you're affected by this issue, you are not alone. You could speak to a family member, a friend, a guardian or a teacher. If there is no one you feel you can speak to then there are advice helplines here.

Try to talk to someone as soon as possible. It might surprise you how much better it feels when you share a problem.

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