What is in the Diamond Time Capsule?

What did you choose?

We had THOUSANDS of suggestions and we whittled them down to the top twenty - then you voted for the top ten to go into the time capsule! Here they are in no particular order:

  • 2018 set of UK coins and notes
  • Souvenir from the Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
  • World map with endangered animals in 2018 plus memory stick with a list of critically endangered animals as registered on The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species
  • World Cup 2018 sticker book
  • DVD of The Greatest Showman
  • Bestselling children’s book of 2018 – David Walliams, The World’s Worst Children 3
  • Smartphone
  • British passport (previously belonging to Ewan Vinnicombe the current Blue Peter Editor!)
  • Fidget spinner
  • Chart music from 2018 – Now That’s What I Call Music 100 CD and tracks on memory stick

The objected chosen by Blue Peter viewers.

What else?

Of course, we couldn't seal the capsule without some goodies and artifacts from Blue Peter!

  • Lindsey and Radzi signed presenter photo cards
  • Shelley the tortoise photo card
  • Iggy the dog photo card
  • Blue Peter script from Blue Peter’s 5000th show (which was on Thursday 1st February 2018)
  • Photo of presenters and crew from Diamond Time Capsule judging
  • A set of Blue Peter badges including the Diamond badge
  • ‘Here’s One I Made Earlier’ makes book
  • DVD of Blue Peter’s 5000th show (which was on Thursday 1st February 2018)
  • DVD of Blue Peter’s Diamond Time Capsule Launch film – which was shown Thursday 24th May 2018
  • A message from current Blue Peter Editor Ewan Vinnicombe to children of 2038
  • A memory stick with Blue Peter’s 60th birthday theme tune
  • Messages from competition entrants for children watching Blue Peter in the year 2038

Everything that will be included in the Diamond Time Capsule.

When will the Diamond Time Capsule be opened?

The Diamond Time Capsule will be stored in the National Archives until 2038 - twenty years away - so you'd better still be watching Blue Peter then! The programme will be 80 years old in 2038 when the capsule is opened. Wowza!

What do you think?

We'd love to know your thoughts on what went into the Diamond Time Capsule! Do you think the items chosen reflect your life in 2018? What do you think will be the most out-of-date item in twenty years? Let us now in the comments below!


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  • Comment number 51. Posted by U17532795

    8 Mar 2019 18:35
    I lloovveee fidget spinners
  • Comment number 50. Posted by U17299449

    24 Nov 2018 10:27
    That’s soo cool! Can’t wait till 2038! How long is that exactly? 😄
  • Comment number 49. Posted by 1strainbowpoo

    28 Oct 2018 9:31
    Cool I think that that is the best time capsule I have ever seen and the front cover is beautiful and well done to everyone who tried there best and especially for the runner ups and the winner but all that matters is that you all had fun being creative and that you had taken part
  • Comment number 48. Posted by PinappleSnake123

    27 Oct 2018 16:44
  • Comment number 47. Posted by UnicornHettyFeatherFan

    24 Oct 2018 12:52
    This comment was removed because it broke the rules. Explain
  • Comment number 46. Posted by Snowy white Reindeer Lover

    24 Oct 2018 9:56
    Cool! I only started watching Blue Peter properly a little while ago and I’ve already got a Purple Badge and a Diamond Badge! Cannot wait until the capsule is opened! Ps: does anybody know why my name on the comments has been changed? If you look on the Blue Peter’s weirdest moments page those are my comments at the top! If they’re not at the top anymore then they are the two which are talking about the rhubarb whacking (they’re next to each other). Anyway... I love the time capsule!!!!!

  • Comment number 45. Posted by happytrampoliningchocolatewaffle

    23 Oct 2018 13:35
    When I entered the comp that was most of the things I voted for🤭
  • Comment number 44. Posted by bluepizzacrunch

    23 Oct 2018 10:23
    In 2038 Blue Peter will be 80 and I’ll be 32 happy birthday Blue Peter
  • Comment number 43. Posted by U17132645

    21 Oct 2018 10:35
    Happy birthday Blue Peter!
    I only started watching it at the start of the year and have already got the 2018 sport badge and diamond 💎 badge! I love it , the makes, the bakes and every thing else!
    Happy 60th birthday!
  • Comment number 42. Posted by U17191187

    20 Oct 2018 8:30
    The memorie stick with the 60th birthday theme tune is outdated because it's the same as the old theme tune.
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