Safer Internet Day Dilemmas

Dilemma 1 - Eman

What you said...

BlueVioletMiniBaker: I would ask if everyone enjoyed the party!

Chavala: Great advice! Checking if they had fun is a really friendly thing to do!

VioletElsie said: I would tell an adult I trust and ask the person whose party it is why I wasn't invited. I would feel upset.

Purplesoftdiamond: I would feel sad because they’re my true friends, I would block them from the internet.

Chavala said: Totally understand that you'd feel sad, but it doesn't mean they're not your true friends just because they didn't invite you to THIS party. It's probably a better idea to find out why they didn't invite you before you blocked them.

Rosie Panda: A bit left out and if you see you friends at school ask about the party!

Chavala: That sounds like a good idea, but maybe don't jump to conclusions. It's completely normal to feel a bit left out in these situations, but often it's just a misunderstanding that's easily sorted.

TanzaniteAirCanary: I would think about the fun I've had with my family and what good things I have done instead of think about what I could've done.

Chavala: Absolutely, this is a perfect example of turning a negative situation into a positive one.

giantjumpingjackdaw said: I would have my own party

Chavala: AMAZING STRENGTH and individuality. It's brill to do your own thing and be ok with it!

Top Tip from Chavala

It seems like a lot of you would feel sad and left out if you were in this situation and that's completely normal!

The best thing to do is to chat to an adult you trust and see if they have any good tips! Talking to an adult and finding out what they think is a really good idea. Finding out someone else's opinion can help you understand!

Scola - Dilemma 2

What you said...

Haybalemelonhead said: Say to your friend that you don't feel comfortable doing it, if she is a real friend then she will understand.

Chavala: I couldn't have said it better myself. Absolutely!

BlueVioletMiniBaker: I would not change how you look to impress other people, because everyone is perfect how they are!

Chavala: Absolutely spot on, that's perfect advice, we need to remember that everyone is unique, if we all looked the same life would be very boring.

VioletElsie: I would speak to her and say "be yourself and don't try to be someone you are not and I'm not keen to do it".

Chavala: It's great that you're concerned about your friend and you're prepared to speak to her about it. It's important to be comfortable with who you are and what you post online. Great advice!

Rosie Panda: Just say "Thanks for asking but I don't really fancy it, I think I will stick to myself!"

Chavala: Absolutely perfect, it's best to be honest to a friend, without putting them down.

puppies4life: I would tell my friend to be careful on it and say it isn't really my thing but l may give it a try.

Chavala: I think it's great that you would tell your friend to be careful online because the internet can be an unsafe place at times. It would be really important that you spoke to your friend about being careful not to respond to the comments they receive because you don't know who they're from.

MagentaNiceSquid: I would say I want to be me, and makeup is not the right way, and I'd also say as long as she knows the people commenting it is fine, but as soon as strangers start commenting, it's time to stop. It's better safe than sorry.

Chavala: That's really good advice. It's great you want to be yourself! Some people like make-up and that's ok!

Chavala Top Tips

On lots of sites, anyone can see your images so it's really important to remember that even if you think you know the person who's commenting, you may not! So try and keep your accounts to private and always be extra careful online with who you speak to and what information you share!

It's really good to be careful of strangers commenting on posts. If strangers are commenting on your pictures, it's best to speak to an adult you trust and NEVER respond to them!

Matt - Dilemma 3

What you said...

TurquoiseSmilingPanda: Make sure to tell someone you trust. Also ask your friend if they're OK and try to put a stop to it!

Chavala: Great advice!! But it's probably best to not try and put a stop to it by yourself.

AmethystBrightStarfruit said: I think you should tell the boy what's going on so it doesn't become a shock to him when he finds out. You should also tell a teacher or any adult what happened; it's not right to be bullied.

Chavala: It's really kind of you to let the boy know what's going on, but make sure you do it in a sensitive way away from listening ears.

Haybalemelonhead: Normally bullies have problems themselves.

Chavala: Great advice! Often bullies are struggling themselves so it's important to treat them with kindness when you're reporting an issue!

MagentaNiceSquid: I'd tell him to talk to a teacher or a responsible adult about the situation, since they are the only people who can stop the situation. They will help stop it spreading. You should never keep a situation like that to yourself.

Chavala: Fantastic! If you ever have a problem, it's really important to share it with people you trust - like a parent, guardian, teacher or best friend.

Chavala Top Tips! Keeping problems to ourselves only makes them worse! Most schools have anti-bullying mentors. If your school has one, speak to one of them, or a responsible adult. It's great that everyone agrees bullying is wrong, but that doesn't make it ok to turn it back on the bullies, because that makes you a bully too.

Mark - Dilemma 4

What you said...

BlueVioletMiniBaker said: I would ask your friend if their friends are nice people and not mean!

Chavala: Great idea but be careful, even though you know this person from a while ago, you don't know their friends. Your old mate may have been lovely when you used to hang out together, but remember that people can change. Your mate moved away and you've not seen them in ages. They might still be lovely OR they might have turned into the school bully (!) so be careful!

Lindsey and Radzi's wise words

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