Past Blue Peter pets

Petra the Dog

Petra appeared on Blue Peter between 1962 and 1977 and was the first ever television pet. She made her first appearance when Christopher Trace and Valerie Singleton presented the show. Chris was the first Blue Peter presenter and he took care of Petra. She became a pet for all the children who were unable to have their own and they eagerly followed Petra’s training and antics on the programme.

Sculptor William Timym made a bronze statue of her after she died and this was given pride of place at the front of Television Centre, before being moved to the Blue Peter garden in 1984. In 2011 Petra’s statue was moved again and she now welcomes visitors to Blue Peter in Salford, as she looks out over the new garden. 

Petra with a tiny model of herself!

Jason the Cat

Jason was the first Blue Peter cat and joined the family in 1964. He had his most memorable moment in 1975 when he played the Cheshire Cat in the Blue Peter Christmas production of Alice in Blue Peter Land. (He pointed out, before disappearing off stage, that he was actually a Siamese cat.)

Jason the Cat hanging out on his very own cushion

Shep the Dog

Shep is generally considered to be the most famous of Blue Peter’s pets, although you may need to ask your parents why. Shep was the long-time partner of presenter John Noakes. As Shep could be a very excitable dog, John’s catchphrase was “Get down Shep” which inspired its very own tribute song by a band called the Barron Knights!

Shep with presenter John Noakes

Goldie the Dog

In 1978 Goldie joined Blue Peter as a puppy, together with her new owner presenter Simon Groom. Goldie’s name was chosen by viewers and she was the first of a long line of Golden Retrievers to appear on the show including one of her puppies called Bonnie. Her other pups were given to the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.

Goldie in the Blue Peter studio

George the Tortoise

George the tortoise is the longest serving pet on Blue Peter, having been on the show for 22 years. He caused a stir in 1988 when burglars broke into his garden and left his cage door open.  The intrepid George managed to crawl 3 miles before he was found safe and well.

George the Tortoise

Mabel the Dog

Mabel was the second longest serving dog after Petra, appearing on the show for over 14 years. She was a rescue dog and joined Blue Peter when she was 6 months old. She was most recognisable for having heterochromia eyes which means she had one blue and one brown.

Mabel with presenters Joel, Helen and Andy

Meg the Dog

Meg was a Border Collie and belonged to presenter Matt Baker. She lived with Matt and his family in County Durham and was trained as a sheepdog.

She left the show with Matt in 2006 but went on to appear in other TV shows including Crufts, Countryfile and even had a barking part on a radio show called the Archers!

Meg with Matt Baker in the Blue Peter studio

Kari and Oke the Cats

These two were rescue kittens who became the longest serving Blue Peter cats. The cats’ names came about after the 1991 Blue Peter Summer Expedition to Japan where presenters John Leslie and Diane-Louise Jordan performed karaoke. Viewers thought the word "karaoke" made good names for them - Kari and Oke!

Oke appeared on Blue Peter for 13 years and, after a long and happy retirement, died at 21 – outliving Kari by 5 years.

Kari and Oke being cute!

Barney the Dog

Barney joined the Blue Peter team on 22nd September 2009. He is a former stray and was given to Helen Skelton by the Dogs Trust. He found a perfect home as part of the Blue Peter family and received almost as much fan mail as Helen.

He left the show on the 26th of September 2013 and is happily enjoying his retirement at home with Helen.

Barney in the Blue Peter office

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