Apply for a Blue Peter Green Badge

The three steps

Three Pledges

Choose your Power, Plastic and Plants Pledges.

Two Weeks

Keep doing the pledges for two weeks.

One Green Badge

Tell us all about your three pledges and apply for your Blue Peter Green Badge!


Choose one of these Power Pledges for two weeks:

  • Turn off an electrical device when you are finished using it rather than leaving it on standby – this could be your games console, computer, tablet or television.


  • Switch half an hour of screen time for 30 minutes of outdoor time.


Choose one of these Plastic Pledges for two weeks:

  • Switch from plastic food wrap to a lunchbox or reusable sandwich wrap.


  • Sort the rubbish recycling at home carefully.


Choose one of these Plants Pledges for two weeks:

  • Plant pollinator friendly plants and look after them – planting marigolds, chives or sunflower seeds can encourage bees and butterflies to thrive.


  • Save water by turning off the taps when you brush your teeth. Using less water gives plants and trees more to drink.

Carbon Totaliser

So far, we have offset a massive 70,965 kilos of carbon thanks to all of your green pledges. Keep up the hard work!

How to apply

When you have completed your three Power, Plastic and Plants Pledges for at least two weeks, you can click here to apply for your Blue Peter Green Badge. Tell us what you’ve done and upload your photos and artwork to show how much you care about nature, the environment and your planet. 

You can also be a Supersized Climate Hero!

Get your class, sports team, after school club, Brownies, Cubs, Scout or Guide group to join in – you will get a Blue Peter Climate Heroes Certificate and everyone in your class or group will earn their Green Badge, that includes your teacher or group leader.

Your group should be a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 40 and a group as specified above.

A maximum of three adult group leaders will be eligible to earn Green badges.

Watch the video below for some important information about applying as a group. 

As well as everyone completing their three pledges, your class/group has to choose one Supersized Pledge for two weeks.

Power - Switch off all lights and devices when leaving the classroom or building.


Plastic - Swap disposable plastic bottles for reusable water bottles.


Plants - Choose a couple of vegetarian meal options during your two weeks as part of a healthy balanced diet.

Your teacher or group leader can click here for your class to become Supersized Climate Heroes. They can upload a fantastic piece of artwork showing how you all care about nature, the environment and your planet.

The deadline for group applications is Friday 25th June 2021.

Once you get your badge, your parent / guardian will need to apply for your Blue Peter Badge ID Card which will give you access to over 200 attractions.


Every individual and supersized pledge will be turned into carbon savings and added to our Totaliser as you start to save the planet – how much carbon can Blue Peter’s Climate Heroes save?

You’ll also be reducing plastic pollution and boosting biodiversity – true climate hero behaviour.

If you want to know how we’re calculating your carbon savings click here.

To apply for a Green Badge you must:

  • Be between 6 – 15 years old.
  • Ask your parent or guardian for permission and ask them to read the Privacy Notice.

Need inspiration?

Why not check out our Climate Hero collection for quizzes, top tips and green makes. You can also check out the awesome things you've sent to us on the badge wall segment live on Blue Peter (Thursdays, 5:00pm on CBBC), or catch up on BBC iPlayer.

What happens when I've sent my application?

Thousands of children apply for badges each year and it can take up to 12 weeks for your badge to arrive, sometimes even longer, so please be patient! All badge applications received before Thursday 8th April will be processed in ususal way. If you have any further questions, check out our badge Q&A pages.

My badge arrived! How do I use it?

When you receive your Blue Peter badge, check the letter that came with it. If we have everything we need, the letter will confirm that your Blue Peter badge ID card will be arriving in the near future.

If your letter asks you to register your details please fill in the badge card form (the badge card is an ID card we ask badge holders to use with their badge to enter badge attractions).

You will need the badge ID card to gain free entry to any of the 200 attractions listed on our website!

Please note: Remember to check with individual attractions to see if they're operating as normal and accepting the badge offer before setting out on your journey.

Where can I get free entry with my badge?

There are over 200 attractions in the UK that give you free entry as a Blue Peter badge holder. 

You can browse the attractions here.

Make sure a parent or guardian reads the Badge Attraction terms and conditions!

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How will you earn your Green Badge?

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