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About the Gold badge:

The Gold badge is the highest award in the Blue Peter family and they are very rare indeed. Each year only a very small number of badges are awarded to recognise and celebrate exceptional outstanding achievements. To earn a Gold badge, you must be aged 6-15 and have already earned at least one other Blue Peter badge.

Extraordinary adults can also be awarded a Gold Blue Peter badge. They are awarded to high profile personalities who are role models, inspiring the nation’s children. Blue Peter presenters and pets are usually awarded a gold badge to recognise their achievements on the show.

How to apply for a Gold badge:

To apply for a Gold badge you MUST have achieved one or more of the following:

  • Acted selflessly, but responsibly, with a single act of bravery that saved the life of another person
  • Acted with outstanding courage, overcome adversity and made life better for another person, or community
  • Worked independently, inspired others and affected positive change
  • Extraordinary achievement, against the odds. For example, overcoming adversity and winning an international sporting event

If you believe you have achieved one of these, or know someone aged 6-15 who has that you would like to nominate, please write to us and tell us about it, including your full name, your home postal address and postcode and other contact details. Post your application (with the correct stamp) to:

Blue Peter
Salford, M50 2BH

Grown ups

Please read our terms and conditions before applying for a Gold badge, to ensure your application isn't rejected.

Want to nominate someone else for a Gold badge?

Only a few Blue Peter Gold badges are handed out each year and we love to award them to people you think truly earned one. We would love to hear who you think deserves a Gold badge and why. Click here to find out more and nominate someone who has achieved something amazing, helped a brilliant cause or is a true role model!

Here's an example of a Gold badge achievement!

Junior Frood was bullied for being a boy who loved to dance. Determined to follow his passion, he wanted to raise awareness of the awful effects bullying can have on people. Not only that, but he has inspired the victims of bullying to continue to follow their dreams by dancing on stage with famous stars like Justin Bieber, and raising hundreds of thousands of pounds for charity. He is a true inspiration and his Gold badge is well deserved!

Junior Frood earned his Gold badge for campaigning against bullying.

Privacy Notice

Please ask your parent or guardian to read the Privacy Notice before applying.

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