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Decorate your room with these fruity pom-poms. Download the instructions above. What fruit will you make?

Here I am with the Parachute Regiment Freefall Team, the Red Devils as they practise their moves. Thankfully we stayed on the ground this time!

Joshua, age 5, made his very own monster foot pen pot! See more of your art ninja creations in this gallery.

Esme, age 5, sent in a picture of her Unicorn bike basket!

Here I am doing my best werewolf impression between takes. What do you think?

Gav's in the moo-d for tea! See what I did there?

Look at the cute critter Freya made! 

Oscar sent in a picture of his cute critter too! See more of your art in the Art Ninja gallery.

I think we could make it as a band! What do you think?

If you have old socks lying around your bedroom, make this cute critter!

See Gav getting soaked in slow motion - I could watch this over and over again!

We have a lot of fun on set. This is Sarah getting covered in toilet roll by our Series Producer.

Keep sending in pictures of the Art Ninja makes you've been doing at home. Elizabeth, age 11, sent in this great picture of her bat manta rays. Ninja skills!

Look at this great 3D initial by Erin, age 8. Don't miss our Art Ninja gallery to see more of your fantastic art.

Download the instructions above to find out how to make a basket for your bike or scooter. 

I used a pizza box as my canvas for this abstract painting inspired by Sonia Delaunay.

Add salt to watercolour paint to make a great texture. This picture looks awesome!

Gav's getting a bit hot under the collar - someone cool him down!

Make your very own cake clock.

I've decorated this box in the style of architect and artist, Gaudi. Now I'll have somewhere to store all my bits and bobs!

We used vacuum cleaners instead of pencils and paint brushes to create this masterpiece! 

Keep your money safe in your very own piggy bank.

How do you like my owl picture? It's head-turning art!

That is one sparkly rock!

Look at this great Art Ninja Rug!

I had lots of fun making these Damien Hirst inspired butterflies.

You don't need pens and paper to create art. The forest was our canvas for this creepy creation.

My mate is looking a little hairy!

Look at this fish bat and ball! Why not have a go at making your own?

The glamour of filming with some smelly chips and an inflatable seagull. My ninja skills couldn't get me out of this one!

Off camera I couldn't get Gav off my phone either!

My Da Vinci inspired catapult game - it’s like looking in a mirror!

Why is this guy claiming the ad man is me? Weird!

This is the world’s first remote controlled horse picture. All made with Sarah’s old toys!

Leave your mark with your very own 3D initial. I think mine looks awesome! Now it's your turn to have a go.

These two jokers pulled off a mighty prank on me!

After filming I got to rip off Gav's moustache! I love this clip so much.

I look more than a bit dotty in this pop art portrait!

We used 6,000 cups to make this colossal clown. It was thirsty work!

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