Can you help Danger Mouse save the world?

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  • Comment number 66. Posted by U17528845

    19 Feb 2019 9:58
    Yess I done it correct on the first round I melted it!!!
    ha ha ha ๐Ÿ’•โœ”
  • Comment number 65. Posted by unicornlovesreading

    4 Feb 2019 16:38
    I got ice slide. and also I don't get the quiz!
  • Comment number 64. Posted by U17479468

    26 Jan 2019 14:50
    I went down the ice slide first time. Second time I almost saved the world:)
  • Comment number 63. Posted by U17479145

    26 Jan 2019 13:57
    ha I love the walrus
  • Comment number 62. Posted by TurquoiseMarshmallowLemurPops

    18 Jan 2019 19:09
    Who would have thought it?
    An ice slide?
    HOW FUN!
  • Comment number 61. Posted by U17405701

    16 Jan 2019 18:02
    No offence CBBC but we all went through a quiz that seemed impossible to end up with THIS!

    โ€œWell done! You ALMOST saved the world!
    However, The Princess uses her powers to crack the ice around you and escape the net. You are now stranded.โ€

    WHYY ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ค all that trouble for THIS!!
  • Comment number 60. Posted by AutumnUniKitty

    2 Jan 2019 19:23
    Uurgh this is terrible
  • Comment number 59. Posted by CuteBlackCat

    31 Dec 2018 15:17
    It's a bit weird because you can't win either way..
  • Comment number 58. Posted by U17270228

    23 Dec 2018 10:03
    This is amazing lol coolest game ever
  • Comment number 57. Posted by Pineapplefurby

    12 Dec 2018 16:38
    yes i did it !!!
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