Make the 2018 Blue Peter Christmas card!

You will need

  • A4 white card
  • A4 coloured card
  • Sheet of recycled clear plastic (we used a plastic document pocket)
  • Permanent black marker pen
  • Felt tip colouring pens
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Decorations for your card (bows, sparkle, stickers etc.)


Watch the video at the top of the page and use these instructions as a guide. Don't forget, you can be as creative with your card as you like.

1. Take the coloured card. Measure 1cm from the narrow end and fold over.

2. Fold the remaining coloured card in two.

3. In the middle section, between the two folds, measure out a window with 2cm borders on all sides.

4. Place tac behind the card. Poke a hole using a pencil. Then use scissors to cut out the window. Save the card you removed for later.

5. Take the plain white card and cut off 1cm from the narrow end.

6. Fold the remaining sheet in two.

7. Measure 1 cm from the centre fold and cut along this line to create two pieces, one big and one small. Place the larger piece to one side.

8. Take the smaller piece. Draw your picture in black permanent marker. Make sure no important details are near the edges.

9. Colour in your drawing and add a festive message.

10. Cut a piece of clear plastic to the same size as your drawing. You can recycle a plastic wallet for this.

11. Take the scrap of coloured card you previously set aside. Cut into a rectangle, fold lengthways and apply glue to the inside. Place the clear plastic on the drawing. Then use the rectangle to attach the two at the stop of the drawing.

12. Trace the picture onto the clear plastic using a permanent marker. DO NOT COLOUR IT IN OR ADD THE FESTIVE MESSAGE.

13. Take the large piece of white card previously set aside. Add glue to the fold and attach to the inside of the coloured card.

14. Insert your drawing/plastic into the coloured card. The drawing should sit at the back, then the white divider and then the plastic sheet.

15. Add glue to the thin folded edge of the coloured card and secure.

16. Decorate with whatever you want to make the border around your card extra festive.

17. Slide the picture out from the top of the card and watch the colour and festive message “magically” appear!

18. Enjoy all the amazement of your family and friends when they receive your card!

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