Robot Week

Go ‘nuts and bolts' this half term for CBBC’s Robot Week. Verify your robotic skills by playing our quizzes, analyse our hilarious clips and experiment with our gadgety games. With CBBC’s Robot Week you’re sure not to malfunction…

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  1. A football match like you've never seen before

    This is one football match unlike anything you've seen before!

    An American team of robots has beaten a team from Australia in the final of the RoboCup Challenge in Beijing, China.

    The Australian team struggled with technical difficulties as some of their robots didn't work.

    Their opponents ended up winning the grand final 7-3.

    The robots are shaped like humans and are just over half a metre tall.

    When they play football, they are not being controlled by humans. They are actually communicating with each other all by themselves.

    One of their biggest problems is managing to stay standing up!

    Each team can have up to five robots on the pitch at any one time. However, they will be substituted from time to time as they may malfunction or overheat.


  2. Check out the latest hi-tech robots

    The World Robot Conference 2016 has opened in Beijing, China, showing off the latest generation of robots.

    The event runs from the 21-24 of October with 300 top robotics experts from 11 countries showing off their latest models.

    Lots off different types of robots were on show including an almost lifelike bird robot and dancing mini robots which have been entertaining visitors

    The Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong said that "all countries, including China, should push ahead with robotic research and innovation"


  3. The world's latest robot creations

    A massive tech show has been taking place in Las Vegas, USA, where companies have been showing off their latest gadgets.

    Ricky's been at CES 2016, the biggest gadget show in the world, for Newsround.

    He takes a look at the latest robot creations revealed at the event.


  4. Robots battle it out in China

    In China, students from more than 30 universities have been taking part in their very own Robot Wars.

    The robots have been designed and built to battle it out against each other in the RoboMasters competition.

    It's hoped events like this in China will inspire more youngsters to become engineers in the future.

    Check it out.


  5. New robots to help at Japanese airport

    An airport in Japan is testing robots to help travellers get around.

    These cool gadgets will whizz around Tokyo's Haneda Airport.

    They speak Japanese and English and can give directions and even pose for a selfie.

    Trials started this week - it's hoped they'll be up and running by the end of the year.


  6. The robots working together with humans

    They can go into space, build things and even give us directions, but now they are working together with humans. We're talking about robots!

    A robot called the Cobot has been shown off at the biggest robotics show in Europe.

    People are getting excited about it because the Cobot has been designed to work with humans, instead of replacing them.

    BBC reporter Rory Cellan-Jones has been getting hands on with the robot to teach it some new tricks...


  7. What's the secret to Robot Wars success?

    Robot Wars reached it's epic conclusion on August 28.

    Forty robots entered the competition and after six weeks of battles, just one emerged victorious.

    We went to meet the team behind mean-machine Apollo to find out what made it a winner.


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