Job Alerts Frequently Asked Questions

What are Job Alerts?

A job alert is an alert that is set up through job search. When you set up a job alert, you will receive emails containing jobs that match the criteria of your saved job alert. If you are interested in any of the jobs detailed in the alert email, you can use links in the email to apply for the job(s).

How can I set up Job Alerts?

To create an alert you must go to job search. Here, use job search to look for jobs that you wish to apply for (e.g. Keywords: Journalist, Location: London). Once you have pressed on 'Search Jobs' to bring up all Journalist jobs in London, you will see the 'Save job alerts' box. All you then have to do is give your job alert a name and press 'Save Alert'. Now you will receive job alert emails for new vacancies that match your criteria.

Where do I access my saved Alerts?

When logged in from the main menu bar, go to jobs > Saved Job Alerts.

How many Job Alerts can I set up and how will they be received i.e. one email with 10 possible roles of interest?

You can set up as many job alerts as you like. The 10 NEWEST jobs are shown in each job alert email and are ordered by date. You will receive no more than one email per job alert every day.

What Information is required to set up a Job Alert?

At least one of the job search fields must be filled in and a job alert name must be chosen before you can save your alert.

How often will I receive Job Alerts?

Every day after you set up your job alert.

How can I edit my Job Alerts?

It is currently not possible to edit a job alert however you can delete the existing alert and set up a new one.  We will be developing the edit feature in the future.

How do I apply for a job from the Job Alert?

The job title in the email will be a link. When you click on the hyperlink one of two things will happen depending on whether you are logged in or not.

a) When logged in: You will be taken to the jobs detail page and will be able to apply for the job.

b) When you are not logged in: You will be taken to a new page which displays the job description and location etc.  Here you can click on ‘Apply for job’. When you click this button you will be taken to the registration page. You can then login and apply for the job.

The role I would like to apply for closes tonight, why have I only just received the Job Alert?

This would only happen if the job that you wanted to apply for was only open for a day. This is because you only get job alerts for jobs that have been created within the last 24 hours that match your search criteria.

The role I am interested in has now expired but I only just received the Job Alert, what can I do to be considered?

Unfortunately you would only be able to apply for the job when it is open.  Once the closing date for that job has passed, it would not be possible to apply for it.

I no longer want to receive a specific Job Alert how do I delete it?

You can do this in one of two ways:

a) Whilst logged in, go to your main menu and go to “jobs” > “Job alerts”. Here, to remove a job alert, click on the delete button (Trashcan icon).  You will no longer receive email alerts from this job alert.

b) Find the email for the particular job alert. At the top of the email, there will be the unsubscribe button (A hyperlinked ‘here’). When you click on this you can choose between unsubscribing from either one or all alerts.

I no longer want to receive any Job Alerts how do I remove them?

There are two possible ways of doing this:

1) Whilst logged in, go to your main menu and go to “jobs” > “Job alerts”. Here, to remove a job alert, click on the delete button (Trashcan icon) and you will no longer get email alerts from this job alert. Do this for all job alerts.

2) Find the email for one of your job alerts, at the top of the email you will find the unsubscribe link. When you click on this you can choose to unsubscribe from all alerts.

Job Alerts are being sent to the email address used as my Username and not the e-mail address I have updated in my account, how can I change this?

This cannot be changed. Job alerts will always be sent to the email address that you registered with. Please register with the new email address.

I'm not receiving my Job Alerts, what can I do?

This may be because there have been no jobs posted that match your criteria. If you know that there have been jobs that do match your criteria, then it should be raised to

I'm receiving Job Alerts through that do not match my criteria. What can I do?

This may appear to happen when using job alerts. This is because the job may have one of your keywords in the job advert. E.g. you may have created a job alert for ‘Managing Director’ and received an email alert containing a job for ‘Secretary’. This is because in the job description there may be the sentence “You will be working closely with the Managing Director”

I have received a Job Alert for a role that is not relevant, why?

If you find that the role in your job alert is completely irrelevant, it should be raised as an issue to providing full details and screenshots of your saved job alerts so that it can be investigated