An attachment is an arrangement in which an employee is released to work in a different BBC job for a defined period of time. If your department agrees to release you, they can be a great way to experience working in another part of the BBC.

To find current attachment opportunities, search our latest vacancies and use 'Attachment' as your keyword.

Short-term attachments

There are a number of different initiatives and schemes to get people moving around the BBC. Some are open across the BBC, some are open to divisions. These give you the chance to learn new skills, experience a different part of the BBC, work in a new way and build your network.

Your team also have the opportunity to benefit from what you learn, so it’s a win-win all round. There are a number of opportunities you can apply for. Places are limited so check out the links for dates, application forms and terms and conditions.

Please be aware, you need to be on the BBC network to view the links below

Hot Shoes

Hot Shoes are two week placements. Some are available to the whole BBC and others are for particular divisions. The schemes open and close at various points throughout the year, so keep checking the pages below for latest news.

Tartan Shorts

Tartan shorts feature one to three week placements and shadowing opportunities across BBC Scotland.