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28 October 2014

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Bristol Uncovered

Bristol Uncovered

Get in The Zone... BBC Radio Bristol goes 24 hours a day at weekends

BBC Radio Bristol is extending its programming, broadcasting overnight for the first time on Friday and Saturday nights. It's called The Zone and will include Bristol Uncovered and BCFM.

A new late night radio experience is coming to a radio near you soon. On 30 March, we launch The Zone, with programmes throughout the night on Fridays and Saturdays. 

There will be a whole host of shows, ranging from Bristol Uncovered which focuses on the Bristol music scene through to programming by BCFM, the new community station, which will tap in to some of the fascinating stories and people living in the city.

Read on for details of the new shows and find out a bit about the presenters you can expect to hear.


BBC Radio Bristol explores new music with Bristol Uncovered, an alternative music show with a focus on local bands and gigs, presented every Friday and Saturday night by Richard Pitt & Gary Smith.

The two local lads have been long term supporters of the music scene in the area and now they are bringing that knowledge and commitment to BBC Radio Bristol.

Richard and Gary firmly believe that local music easily stands up to scrutiny when played alongside the wider music scene, so that’s what they do.

Between the two of them, they like a lot of different kinds of music, especially if it’s guitar-based.

Their somewhat eclectic tastes are stimulated if the music is entertaining, original, experimental, inventive, complicated, simple, primitive, discordant, melodic, haunting, quiet, loud, political or with a social conscience, funny or just something they can dance to.

And they’ll throw in some old stuff occasionally to show where it all fits together.

The show will feature live guests and sessions, interviews with some of the bigger named bands playing in the area, plus a lot of locally-made music and you’ll get recommendations for gigs in the week ahead.

Take part in the show with your own tips for up-coming bands and gigs, your alternative music requests and regular chances to win new releases.

And if you’re in a band or make music yourself, then send Richard and Gary your material.

The address is Richard Pitt & Gary Smith, Bristol Uncovered, BBC Radio Bristol, P.O. Box 194, Bristol BS99 7QT.


BCfm is Bristol’s newest community radio station broadcasting to the City of Bristol.  The station offers a voice to communities and individuals who may not otherwise have the opportunity to be heard.



After spending some time working at  BBC Radio Bristol and Commercial radio Phil left to work on a community radio project in East Bristol.  He has now taken on the challenge to manage BCfm whilst still keeping his hand in presenting the occasional show.   Joanne’s love of radio has seen her manage a number of community radio projects over the years as well as producing a community programme on commercial radio before becoming programme and outreach co-ordinator for BCfm.

Together they will be bringing you stories, interviews and information from their daily encounters in the City.   Art, drama and poetry will come to life as Phil and Joanne explore the hidden talents of Bristol’s community. Each week you can join them with one of their guests as they get ‘up close and personal’ to explore what makes people tick.  Expect the un expected and you won’t be disappointed.


I know what you’re thinking…'not another new music show??'”

Think again…

‘Morning Glory’ is the brand new music show from BBC Radio Bristol…Andy Howard presents an hour of up and coming new acts every Saturday morning from 5-6am.
When a top new band visits the Westcountry, you can bet that they come in to visit Andy, and play a live session and telling Andy all there is to know about them…

There is a challenge for the band of the week however, they have to perform a ‘Golden Oldie’ from the past and then rate themselves on how it went…results have proven to be, shall we say, mixed!

This show is an introduction to new, up and coming music, without it making your ears bleed…

If Andy Howard thinks a new band are worthy of being played in your house or your car, you’ll hear them here first…


If there is a band or a piece of new music you've heard that we should be playing, or you would like to give Andy some feedback...Email the show any time you like…


Thirteen Senses

Will and Tom came in to see Andy, and performed the first 2 singles from their new album “Contact”. We found out that lead singer Will South was definitely in love, and that they’re not very good friends with the St Just town Council as they used to practice too loud! The band’s ‘Golden Oldie’ was Steve Harley’s “Come Up and See Me”…which they rated at 3/10!

The Holloways

The whole band arrived to wreak havoc! They described how they were thrown in to the deep end by being placed on the same bill as Pete Doherty and Babyshambles, before they were ready to play gigs…it went brilliantly, and now they are playing their own sell out shows, and will hopefully be visiting the west country aghain to play Glastonbury in the summer…They performed 2 tracks from their new album "So This Is Great Britain?", and their Golden Oldie, rated at a massive 5/10 by themselves…was 'Hallelulah (I love her so)' by Ray Charles!
New album "So This Is Great Britain" out now.

Fortune Drive

Equipped with 2 guitars and some cans of Red Stripe, Fortune Drive entered the fray...We discussed plans to take over the world with good plain old rock 'n roll, and how Bristol has helped shape them as a band…With sell out shows at the Bristol Academy now behind them, the future looks bright for Fortune Drive…They recorded a session which included their anthem "Roses"…


Glaswegian rockers Parka came in to basically laugh a lot…easily the happiest band to enter Andy's studio. They brought their new single "Disco Dancer" with them…and Andy is still playing it now.

Jessie Malin

American singer-songwriter joined Andy on his UK Tour, and revealed that, among others, Bruce Springsteen is on his new album "Glitter in the Gutter"!

Frank Turner

How does one person go from a hard-core metal band to a folk singer? Frank told us, first hand. His amazing story was enough for Andy to play his music week after week…favourite at the moment is "Vital Signs" from his debut album.

There have been many more highlights, including up-and-coming Assembly Now, and visits from Italy and Sweden from Elena and Kitto respectively…
Listen in, or listen again this week for more.

As well as the obvious new music, the team rally round to support Andy Howard…features at the moment include Tom Ryan's rubbish joke of the week…and Lucy's "Amateur Football Preview".

Nancy Jackson

Nancy Jackson


On air every Sunday from 5am to 6am

Presented by Nancy Jackson, this show is a mix of interviews and the music you love. Its a great way to start your sunday.

The show kicks off with "Nancy's 90's Number".... a chance to revel in the glory of the decade which created brit pop, gave us grunge and saw the rise of boy bands and girl groups. If you have a favourite song from the 90's that you'd like to hear played, email nancy at

"We all have songs which take us back to a certain time and place - and this programme celebrates that. I love music and love talking to people."

Nancy Jackson

The show also features "Music Milestones". This part of the programme takes us through one listeners life story... Illustrated by the music they love. YOu dont have to be famous to be on the show. If you love music and have a story to tell you could be her guest simply by emailing

Nancy says "We all have songs which take us back to a certain time and place - and this programme celebrates that. I love music and love talking to people and Music Milestones combines my favourite things!"

Don't forget you can listen to The Alarm Call at any time of the day by going to BBC.CO.UK/ BRISTOL and clicking listen again.

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You are in: Bristol > BBC Radio Bristol > Weekend presenters > Get in The Zone... BBC Radio Bristol goes 24 hours a day at weekends

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