Tree O'Clock's tree-planting success

As part of National Tree Week, Breathing Places and its partners encouraged people to plant trees in the Tree O'Clock hour, between 11am and 12 noon on Saturday 5 December 2009.

And you did, in your thousands.

Take a bough!

So well done – and thank you – to everyone who planted and helped. Thanks for your reports and photos too.

Tree O'Clock planters. Clockwise from left, pictures courtesy of: Ron Brooke, Rebecca Grey, Roger Kent, Gary Bourne, Whalley Range

Tree O'Clock was a resounding success, with thousands of events taking place at sites and in gardens across the country and around the world.

We estimate that overall you planted as many as 500,000 trees as a result of the initiative – leaving lasting benefits for native wildlife, people and the environment.

Clockwise from left: planting in the Palestinian West Bank, Leicestershire, Isles of Scilly, Lancashire, Perthshire; courtesy of: FONSA, Margaret Mabey, Bryce Maria, BTCV, Scottish Native Woods

World records

Volunteers in Northern Ireland set a new Guinness World Record by planting 26,422 trees at a single site.

Digging cartoon

Tree O'Clock didn't break the record for planting the most trees in a single hour in multiple locations, but we do know for definite that over 230,000 trees were planted during the all-important hour. So while not a new Guinness World Record, still an incredible achievement and an important legacy.

Thank you for helping to make Tree O'Clock truly tree-mendous!

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