Create an amphibian home

natterjack toad

Amphibian friendly habitats

  • Safe and damp is key for frogs and toads. A compost heap offers the perfect environment and toads love burrowing in the warm moisture of rotting compost. If you don’t have a compost heap check out our page on how to create a compost heap.
  • Long grass and shady borders give good shelter for our amphibious friends, so try to leave an area of long lawn near a pond. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even plant a meadow.
frogs in a pond
  • It’s no surprise that frogs and toads like sheltering under rocks. An informal rockery near a pond is invaluable to them, while a wood pile also provides damp, shady safety. If you want to build or rockery or make a wood pile, check out our things to do pages.
  • If you don’t fancy any of the above, you can buy an artificial frog or toad home from specialist suppliers. They consist of a simple box with a small doorway, so you might like to make your own.
  • Make sure to put your amphibian home in a shady place with good cover – frogs and toads like the sun if they’re wet, but otherwise they need to stay damp.
  • Dig a pond! It sounds obvious but if you’re encouraging wet wildlife, you’ll be most successful if you give them their own pool. Find out here how to build a pond.

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