Use of the BBC Brand or Logo

How do you wish to use our brand or logo?

Protecting our brand

As a public service broadcaster, the BBC is a content and service provider funded and owned by the British public, free from commercial and political interests. The BBC brand and other intellectual property assets represent and reflect the BBC's reputation for editorial integrity, impartiality, quality and creativity. Any use of our assets must be aligned to these values and follow the guidelines.

Can I use a BBC logo?

We receive a large number of requests from people and organisations that wish to use BBC assets (logos, copyright material and other intellectual property assets) for a wide range of purposes: for inclusion in films, for charity fundraising, for website links, for testimonials and corporate publicity, and to illustrate stories in newspapers and books, to name just a few.

We consider any requests to use our assets providing they are consistent with BBC’s reputation and values.

Any use of BBC trademarks must be used with the BBC's prior written consent.

How do you wish to use our brand or logo?

If you want to use any BBC brand or logo (including programme logos) we need as much information as possible in order to consider your request. You will need to fill in an online request form and provide design concepts.

If we are able to grant permission to use our brand or logo, is likely that we will require you to enter into a trade mark licence agreement with the BBC, which sets out what you are permitted to do (duration of use, territory, etc.)