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The Floodgates

Joy Wilkinson


On the subject of rapid responses (see Fiona's post below), the episode of Doctors that I blogged about writing here is on telly tomorrow. It's called The Flood and is my first proper serial-only episode. If anyone interested in writing for the show fancies watching it (obviously you're watching it all the time anyway, right?) and having a bit of a debrief, I'll be back on here to comment this Friday.

In particular, for those keen to write for the show, it might be most useful to imagine what you'd have done if all you had to go on were the central revelation between the two main characters. Sorry if that sounds vague, but after watching the ep it should hopefully be clear which revelation/characters I mean. So if that's the only bit of story info you knew you had to impart, how might you go about building an episode around it?

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