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Doctors: Anatomy of an Episode #1

Joy Wilkinson


This is only my second post. Ideally I'd like to have waited till we knew each other a little better before making myself vulnerable like this, but I've got an episode on this week and it gave me an idea.

If this blog is meant to be about writing for Doctors and hopefully helping us all to get better at it, then how about we watch the episode and have a gas about it afterwards? I could do another post after the broadcast (within 24 hours), saying how it came about, what I intended and what changed, and then we can talk about whether it worked or not, what you might have done differently and so forth. Does that sound useful?

Sounds a bit scary to me, but, on the other hand, it will be nice to get feedback from someone other than my mum.

The episode is called 'Catching' and it's on this Thursday in the usual Doctors slot. Catch up with you afterwards...

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