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Remember Me - writer Gwyneth Hughes

Gwyneth Hughes


Editor's Note: The BBC TV Blog spoke to writer Gwyneth Hughes about her new spooky Sunday night drama, Remember Me, starring Michael Palin.

We took the opportunity to slip in a couple of questions about Gwyneth's writing career and advice ...

Jodie Comer, Mark Addy and Michael Palin star in Remember Me

What was your journey into becoming a writer?

I started out as a newspaper reporter, on the Sheffield Morning Telegraph. Then I went to Yorkshire Television to work on the local news programme. After that I became a director of documentary films. So I have always told stories, in different ways. Eventually I thought: I want to start making up my own stories! and I made the move into fiction. My first TV drama was an episode of the longlost and lamented "The Bill". I thought I'd arrived! But every step of the way is a struggle, and there is no short cut that I have found.

What advice would you give to anyone who wants to become a writer too?

Write something. Anything. But it must have a beginning, a middle and an end. There is no point writing bits of stuff, because the thing everyone is looking for is the ability to tell a story. That's the gold dust, and nobody can teach it. You just had to keep doing it. It's very very competitive, obviously, but I always think: someone's got to do these jobs - might as well be us!

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