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  1. Writing In The Flesh with the safety off

    Writer Dominic Mitchell blogs about developing In The Flesh - his new zombie drama for BBC Three, which came through BBC writersroom's Northern Voices scheme.

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  2. A Life in the Day

    So I'm pretty addicted to the last page of the Sunday Times Magazine. You know the one - A Life in the Day interview, where the great and good tell us of a typical twenty four hours in their fabulous lives. As a chronic nosey parker, poking into anyone's life fills me with a dirty delight, but p...

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  3. Writers 10 Rules And Why I Hate Them So

    There's a big old pompous article in the Guardian Books Section entitled 10 RULES FOR WRITING inspired by Elmore Leonard's Ten Rules (yeah, Elmore Leonard, that great literary giant) that's tipped me into a twisted rage this week. The Guard have asked some crusty and seemingly bitter authors to ...

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  4. Climbing To Making It Nirvana While Freebasing IMDB

    I always find the suicide of a successful artist shocking. Such as Alexander McQueen this past month. Take a profile shot of his life and all seems gleaming: World renowned in his chosen field, rich behold comprehension, famous friends and famous admirers. He achieved everything this society say...

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  5. An Hour a Day Keeps the Existential Angst Away

    In the book The 101 Habits of Highly Successful Screenwriters there is a section on the hours these highly successful scribblers devote to their craft. Each and every one of them tells the editor of their gruelling work schedule. Getting up before dawn and pounding on the laptop, at furious pace...

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