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Suicide Bombings In 2011

Ben James Ben James | 13:49 UK time, Monday, 26 December 2011

After attacks in Nigeria, Afghanistan and Iraq over the last day or so, we're talking about suicide bombings on WHYS later.

I've put together this list from searching back through bbc.com/news over the last 12 months - I'm not claiming it's exhaustive, but it gives some idea of the volume of these attacks (more than 90 in this list) and the countries where they've taken place.

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1 Jan - Egypt has blamed a suicide bomber with foreign links for a blast which killed at least 17 people at an Alexandria church and sparked a Christian-Muslim clash. Forty-three others were wounded in the attack, which happened during a new year's service at the al-Qiddissin (Saints) Church shortly after midnight.
7 Jan - At least 17 people have been killed in a suicide attack in a crowded public bath house in Afghanistan's southern Kandahar province, officials say.
12 Jan - At least four people were killed when a suicide attacker rammed his motorcycle into a bus in the Afghan capital, Kabul, police have told the BBC.
18 Jan - A suicide bomber has killed at least 60 people outside a police recruitment centre in the Iraqi town of Tikrit, officials say. More than 100 other people were injured in the blast in the town, some 130km (80 miles) north of Baghdad.
20 Jan - Three people have been killed and 30 injured in a suicide bombing in Baquba, the second deadly attack in the central Iraqi city in as many days. The bomber blew up his vehicle outside a police headquarters, just a few streets from Wednesday's attack on another police compound that killed 14. The bomber used an ambulance.
24 Jan - An explosion has ripped through Moscow's Domodedovo airport - the busiest in the Russian capital, killing at least 35 people (number of dead later rose to 37). Some 170 people were injured in the blast, which reports suggest was the work of a suicide bomber.
25 Jan - At least nine people taking part in a Shia Muslim procession in the Pakistani city of Lahore have been killed by a suicide bomb, police say. Three policemen were said to be among the dead, while 50 other people were injured, including women and children.
28 Jan - At least eight people have been killed in a suicide attack at a supermarket popular with foreigners in the Afghan capital Kabul, officials say.
29 Jan - The deputy governor of Afghanistan's southern Kandahar province has been killed in a suicide attack, officials have said.
31 Jan - Police in north-western Pakistan say a senior police official has been killed in a suicide bomb attack.

10 Feb - A young suicide bomber dressed in school uniform has blown himself up at an army compound in Pakistan, killing at least 31 people, officials say. The boy attacked as recruits exercised at a Punjab Regiment parade ground, inside an enclosed military area of the north-western city of Mardan.
12 Feb - A Taliban raid on the southern Afghan city of Kandahar has killed 19 people, including 15 policemen, officials say. Militants armed with suicide bombs, guns and rocket-propelled grenades struck the police headquarters in the city centre around noon.
14 Feb - Two security guards and an insurgent were killed in an attack in the Afghan capital Kabul, officials say. Reports said the blast occurred just inside a shopping complex in the city centre after an attacker carrying explosives was challenged by guards.
18 Feb - A suicide car bomber has killed at least 11 people in the eastern Afghan city of Khost, police say.
19 Feb - Eighteen people have been killed and more than 70 wounded in an attack on a bank in the Afghan city of Jalalabad, according to the provincial governor. Gul Agha Shirzay said suicide attackers armed with guns and grenades carried out the attack, according to AFP.
21 Feb - A suicide car bomber has attacked a police training camp in Somalia's capital Mogadishu, killing at least 10 people, officials say. A vehicle was full of explosives and canisters of fuel when it exploded near the Darwish Camp, which is next to a police academy.
21 Feb - A car bomb detonated by a suicide attacker in the central Iraqi city of Samarra has killed 10 policemen and wounded 16 others, police say. The victims were part of a special squad sent to Samarra, 60 miles (100km) north of Baghdad, to protect Shia pilgrims during a religious ceremony.
24 Feb - At least 24 people have been wounded in a suicide car bomb explosion in the southern Afghan province of Kandahar, police said. The attack occurred in Spin Boldak town on the Pakistan border. The injured included 16 civilians.
24 Feb - A suicide bomber in the Iraqi city of Ramadi has killed at least eight people, officials say. The attack injured the deputy governor of Anbar province, Hikmet Khalaf, and killed a number of policemen.

3 Mar - A suicide bomber has targeted a bank in the northern Iraqi town of Haditha, killing at least nine people.
14 Mar - At least 36 people have been killed in an apparent suicide attack on an army recruitment centre in northern Afghanistan, local officials have said. More than 40 people were also reported to have been injured in the attack in the city of Kunduz.

3 Apr - Suicide attackers have killed at least 41 people and wounded many more at a shrine in Pakistan, police say. The explosions struck near the Sakhi Sarwar shrine in Punjab, as Sufi Muslim devotees gathered for an annual three-day festival.
4 Apr - At least seven people have been killed in a suicide-bomb attack at a bus station in north-west Pakistan.
7 Apr - A suicide bomber targeting a senior police official has killed a policeman and wounded five others in Pakistan's southern province of Balochistan. The bomber drove in a car packed with explosives and blew it up outside the home of the officer in Quetta, the main town in Balochistan.
13 Apr - A suicide bomber has killed at least 10 people in an attack on tribal elders in eastern Afghanistan, the interior ministry has said. Pro-government tribal elder Haji Malik Zarin was killed in the blast in Kunar province near the Pakistan border.
14 Apr - At least three Afghan policemen were killed when suicide bombers attacked a police training centre in the east of the country, officials say. Police said two bombers also died in the raid on the base in Paktia province where dozens of men were being trained.
15 Apr - A suspected suicide bomber has attacked a mosque in Indonesia, killing himself and wounding 28 people. Most of the wounded are police officers, as the attack happened during Friday prayers at a mosque in a police compound in Cirebon, West Java.
15 Apr - The police chief of Afghanistan's southern Kandahar province has died in a suicide attack on his headquarters. Khan Mohammad Mujahid was killed and two other police officers were injured in the blast, officials say. A suicide bomber managed to penetrate the defences of the police headquarters by wearing a police uniform, the Afghan interior ministry said.
16 Apr - Five foreign and five Afghan troops have died in an attack in eastern Afghanistan, officials say. A Taliban suicide bomber wearing a military uniform hit an Afghan army base near the city of Jalalabad, the Afghan defence ministry said.
18 Apr - Two soldiers have been killed and seven people hurt after a man in army uniform opened fire inside the Afghan defence ministry in Kabul, officials have said. The attacker, who was also wearing an explosive vest, reached the second floor, where the defence minister and the army chief of staff have offices.
28 Apr - A suicide bomber has blown himself up in the eastern Iraqi town of Baladruz, killing at least six people and injuring 15, officials say. The bomber targeted a mosque in the town, 90km (55 miles) north-east of Baghdad in Diyala province, a security official told Reuters.

5 May - A suicide bomb attack in Iraq has killed at least 16 people and injured more than 40. The bomber drove a car laden with explosives into a police headquarters in Hilla, a city south of Baghdad.
7 May - Intense fighting has taken place in Afghanistan's second city of Kandahar amid co-ordinated militant attacks, including at least six suicide bombs. The Taliban said it was behind the triple assault on the provincial governor's office, the Afghan spy agency and a police station. At least two people were killed and 23 injured in the fighting, which spread panic on the streets.
13 May - Twin bomb attacks on a paramilitary force academy in north-west Pakistan have killed 80 people, police say. At least 120 people were wounded in the blasts at the training centre for the Frontier Constabulary in Shabqadar, Charsadda district.
17 May - A suspected suicide bomber has attacked a regional security services building in the northern Kazakh city of Aktobe, wounding several people. Authorities named Rahimjan Makhatov as the man they believe detonated the bomb in front of the National Security Committee office. Kazakhstan's Prosecutor General's Office alleged that the 25-year-old was a member of an organised crime group. The attacker died at the scene and two people were injured.
17 May - Pakistani security forces have killed five militants during a clash in the western city of Quetta, officials say. The militants, reportedly armed with grenades and suicide vests, attacked a checkpost but were all shot dead. The group included three women.
18 May - At least 13 people including civilians, police cadets and a suicide bomber have been killed in an attack in eastern Afghanistan, officials say.
21 May - A suicide bomb attack on a hospital in the Afghan capital, Kabul, has left six people dead and 23 wounded. The bomber detonated his device in a tent in the grounds of Charsad Bestar Hospital where medical students were eating lunch
25 May - Four people have been killed and 22 others wounded in a suicide lorry bomb attack on a police station in Peshawar, in north-west Pakistan.
26 May - At least 32 people have been killed after a suicide bomber in a car struck government buildings in Pakistan's volatile north-west. The bomb went off near several buildings and shops in Hangu, close to Pakistan's tribal areas, causing widespread damage.
29 May - The police commander for northern Afghanistan has been killed in a suicide bomb attack on the provincial governor's compound in Takhar. Gen Mohammad Daud Daud is one of at least six people killed in the attack, claimed by the Taliban.
30 May - Two AU soldiers were killed as they tried to prevent a suicide bomb attack in Mogadishu. The AU said three of the attackers had also been killed during the assault on a position guarded by it soldiers.

10 Jun - At least three policemen have been killed by a suicide bomber in the northern Afghan city of Kunduz, officials say.
10 Jun - Somali Interior Minister Abdi Shakur Sheikh Hassan has been killed in a suicide attack at his home in the capital, Mogadishu. Officials say the bomber was his own teenage niece, who had joined the Islamist militant group al-Shabab.
13 Jun - A suicide bomber in Pakistan has blown himself up and killed a guard in a bank attack in a commercial area of the capital Islamabad, police say.
14 Jun - Gunmen and suicide bombers have stormed an Iraqi provincial council building in the city of Baquba, killing at least eight people. A car bomb and a suicide bomber opened the attack the main gate.
15 Jun - A suicide bomber in a car laden with explosives has killed himself and at least seven people in Afghanistan, the interior ministry has said.
16 Jun - Two people, including a suicide bomber, have died in an explosion at Nigeria's police headquarters in the capital, Abuja.
20 Jun - Three civilians have been killed and 11 others wounded in a suicide car bomb attack on a German military convoy in northern Afghanistan, interior ministry officials say.
26 Jun - An eight-year-old girl has been killed after insurgents used her in a bomb attack on police in southern Afghanistan, the government has said.
26 Jun - A husband and wife carried out a suicide attack that killed eight people at a police station in north-western Pakistan, the Taliban has said. The pair entered the police station dressed in burkas, hiding rifles, hand grenades and suicide vests underneath.
28/29 Jun - Nato helicopters were called in to kill three militants to help end a five-hour clash by suicide bombers and gunmen on a hotel in the Afghan capital, Kabul. The attack on the Intercontinental Hotel, frequented by Westerners, left six more attackers, two police and 11 civilians, including a Spaniard dead.

11 Jul - A suicide bomber has killed at least five people and wounded 19 others at a political rally in north-west Pakistan. The blast in Battagram district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province was carried out by a young suicide bomber, dressed in white, police said.
13 Jul - At least five French soldiers and one civilian have been killed in a suicide bomb attack in the north-eastern Afghan province of Kapisa, officials say.
14 Jul - A suicide bomber has killed four people at a memorial service in Kandahar for the assassinated half-brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai.
27 Jul - The mayor of the volatile Afghan city of Kandahar, Ghulam Haidar Hameedi, has been killed in a suicide attack, officials say. The attacker detonated explosives in his turban as the mayor made an address at the city hall, police said.
28 Jul - Insurgents have carried out a gun and bomb attack in the south Afghan town of Tarin Kowt, Uruzgan province, leaving at least 22 dead, officials say. They said the violence included three suicide bombings followed by fighting in a market, adding that all eight attackers had now been killed. The dead include Ahmed Omed Khpulwak, a local BBC reporter.
31 Jul - Twelve Afghan policemen and a child have been killed in a suicide attack in the southern Afghan city of Lashkar Gah, officials say.

2 Aug - Three guards belonging to a private security company have been killed in a suicide attack in northern Afghanistan.
14 Aug - At least 19 people are dead and many are injured after militants in Afghanistan stormed the provincial governor's compound in Parwan. Powerful explosions followed by bursts of gunfire were heard in the provincial capital, Charikar, an hour's drive north-west of Kabul, witnesses said. The governor, Abdul Basir Salangi, told media from inside the compound that up to six suicide bombers had struck.
14 Aug - At least 29 people have been injured in a suicide car bomb attack on a police station in Algeria, officials say. They say the bomber crashed his vehicle packed with explosives into the main entrance of the station in Tizi Ouzu, east of Algiers.
15 Aug - A series of bomb attacks has hit several Iraqi cities, killing at least 60 people. The worst attack took place in the south-eastern city of Kut where police said two near-simultaneous bombs killed at least 37 people. The blasts appeared to be co-ordinated to go off in the morning and included a combination of parked car bombs, roadside bombs and suicide bombers.
18 Aug - A suicide attack at a US-run base in eastern Paktia province killed two Afghan guards.
19 Aug - Gunmen have stormed the British Council office in the Afghan capital, Kabul, killing at least 12 people and taking over the compound for hours. A suicide car bomb destroyed the compound wall and a number of heavily armed men forced their way inside.
19 Aug - At least 40 people are reported to have died in a suspected suicide attack at a mosque in Pakistan. The blast happened when hundreds of people had gathered for Friday prayers at the mosque in Ghundi village, near the town of Jamrud in the north-west Khyber tribal district.
26 Aug - At least 13 people have been killed in a series of attacks across Iraq - in Basra, Falluja and Baghdad. In the southern city of Basra, a bomber blew himself up near a Shia mosque, killing three and wounding 50 others.
26 Aug - A suicide bomb attack on a military academy in Algeria has killed 18 people and wounded at least 20, officials say. The attack took place in the town of Cherchell, about 100km (60 miles) west of the capital Algiers. One or two bombers set off their explosives just after the breaking of the Ramadan fast, reports said. Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb says it carried out the attack, AFP news agency reports.
27 Aug - At least four people have been killed and many others injured in two car bombings in neighbouring provinces in southern Afghanistan, officials say. The first blast happened outside a bank in Lashkar Gah, in Helmand province, where workers were collecting salaries. It was followed by another blast in Kandahar city. Both are believed to have been suicide attacks.
27 Aug - At least 18 people have been killed in an apparent suicide car bombing at the United Nations headquarters in the Nigerian capital, Abuja. The powerful blast destroyed the lower floors of the building. Dozens have been injured, some critically.
28 Aug - A suicide bomber has killed at least 28 people and wounded at least 30 more after blowing himself up inside a Sunni mosque in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, local officials say. The attack took place during prayers in the Umm al-Qura mosque in west Baghdad, the city's largest Sunni mosque.
31 Aug - A triple suicide bomb attack has killed six police officers and two other people in the Chechen capital Grozny where Muslims are celebrating Eid. A further 22 people were injured, five of them seriously, in the bombing late on Tuesday, Russian prosecutors said. It appears the bombers used the first blast to lure police to the scene before setting off other explosives.

7 Sep - Suicide bombers have attacked the residence of a military official in the Pakistani city of Quetta, killing at least 20 people. The first attacker detonated a car bomb, and a second militant blew himself up in the house of the city's Frontier Corps chief.
13 Sep - Tuesday's attacks appear to be a complex operation. At about 13:30 local time (09:00 GMT), insurgents fired rockets on a number of targets in Kabul's upmarket embassy district. In the west of the city, another two suicide attackers detonated explosives outside a police station. A Taliban spokesman said the group was carrying out "a massive suicide attack on local and foreign intelligence facilities".
15 Sep - At least 20 people have been killed in a suicide bomb attack on the funeral of a tribal elder in north-west Pakistan, police say.
19 Sep - A bomb targeting the home of a senior police officer in Karachi has killed at least eight people, officials say. A car packed with explosives blew up destroying a large part of the home of Chaudhry Aslam Khan, the chief of the crime investigation department. The police said it was a suicide attack.
20 Sep - The chairman of the Afghan High Peace Council, Burhanuddin Rabbani, has been killed with several other people in a bomb attack in Kabul, officials say. Mr Rabbani was killed at his home by a suicide attacker who officials believe had concealed a bomb in his turban.
25 Sep - At least one person has been killed and several injured by a suicide bombing at a church in Central Java, Indonesia. Witnesses said the bomber struck as people were leaving the Bethel Injil Sepuluh church in Keputon, Solo after a Sunday service.
27 Sep - A suicide car bomber attacked a bakery popular with police in southern Afghanistan. At least five people were killed and 22 injured, officials say.

3 Oct - Afghanistan's minister of of border and tribal affairs has survived a suicide bomb attack in the volatile southern province of Kandahar. Assadullah Khalid was not hurt when the bomber detonated a rickshaw packed with explosives close to his convoy, but two bystanders died and 17 were injured.
3 Oct - An assault by insurgents on a local government compound in western Iraq has ended with at least nine people dead, including all six attackers. The gunmen had disguised themselves in police uniforms before attacking the compound in al-Baghdadi, 150km (90 miles) north of the capital Baghdad. Two of the six attackers were suicide bombers who detonated their explosives in the initial onslaught, officials said.
4 Oct - At least 70 people have been killed by a huge suicide blast near a government compound in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, say officials. Eyewitnesses said a truck carrying explosives was driven into a gate near a government ministry and detonated. A spokesman for the Islamist militant group al-Shabab told the BBC it had carried out the attack.
18 Oct - A car bomb has exploded outside the former foreign ministry in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, killing five people including the suicide bomber. The attack came as Kenya's defence and foreign ministers were holding talks nearby with the Somali government.
28 Oct - A suspected suicide bomber has killed two policemen and injured seven others in northwest Pakistan, police said. The attack took place in the Nowshera area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Police said one of the dead policemen, Ajmeer Shah, may have been the target.
29 Oct - A Taliban suicide bomber has rammed an explosives-laden car into a bus carrying members of the International Security Assistance Force in the Afghan capital, Kabul, killing 17 people.

3 Nov - Militants have carried out a suicide gun and bomb attack on a private construction company in the western Afghan city of Herat, officials say. Two guards were killed and four other people wounded, the officials say, with the fighting now said to be over.
6 Nov - A suicide bomber has killed at least seven people near a mosque in Afghanistan's northern Baghlan province, say officials. The bomb went off as worshippers were leaving the mosque in Old Baghlan City after prayers marking the start of the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha.
7 Nov - A suspected suicide bomber has killed a former government official and his guard and injured nine others in north-west Pakistan, police say. The attack took place in Swabi about 102 km (65 miles) from Peshawar.
10 Nov - Attackers have stormed the offices of a governor in Afghanistan's eastern Paktia province, killing at least four Afghan security personnel. Several suicide attackers, armed with bombs, rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns, stormed the offices in the Samkani district of the province. Afghan officials said all of the attackers were killed in the clash.

2 Dec - A suicide bomber has attacked a Nato outpost in the Afghan province of Logar, killing one person and injuring about 70, officials and medics say
6 Dec - Twin attacks apparently targeting Shia Muslims have killed at least 58 people in Afghanistan. In the deadliest incident, a suicide bomb struck a shrine packed with worshippers in the capital, Kabul, killing at least 54 people.
6 Dec - At least five people, including a Somali policeman, have been killed as a car exploded while it was being searched in Mogadishu, sources say
24 Dec - A suicide car bomb attack has killed six people, including five soldiers, and wounded at least 12 others in north-west Pakistan
25 Dec - At least 40 dead in series of attacks in Nigeria, including some confirmed suicide bombings
25 Dec - At least 22 including prominent MP Mutalib Beg killed at funeral in Taloqan, NE Afghanistan
26 Dec - At least seven people have been killed in a suicide car bomb attack outside Iraq's interior ministry

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