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On air: Should you be fined according to your wealth?

WHYS Team WHYS Team | 15:01 UK time, Friday, 13 August 2010

Mercedes.jpgA Swedish driver could be fined US$1 million after being caught speeding. Under Swiss law your speed and wealth are taken into account when calculating the amount of the fine.

It could be the world's largest fine. The current record is held by a Swiss driver who was fined US $290,000 in January 2010

Me Myself and I in the UK comments on the Daily Mail website :

'Income related fines are the only sensible option. A £40 fixed penalty to a millionaire is a joke, but to someone out of work, or a pensioner it's too much.'

Rightbehind comments on cbsnews.com:

'Now this is justice. Everyone pays a percentage of income. The rich feel the same penalty as the poor. Here in the US most of the rich have local law enforcement on their knees before them'.

Should the amount of a fine be based on how much money you have ? Or should everyone have to pay the same amount ?

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