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On air: Is the younger generation doing enough to find a job?

WHYS Team WHYS Team | 17:31 UK time, Friday, 13 August 2010


They're being referred to as the "lost generation." They want to work but they don't have work and they've little chance of getting a job anytime soon.

The International Labour Organisation has released a report which says that global youth unemployment figures have reached the highest they've been in almost a decade. 13% of people between the ages of 15 and 24 are unemployed. That's 81 million young people and few countries are unaffected

Minout Chatte in California tweets,

'Youth Unemployment Hits Record High - if you didn't believe me when i said i couldn't get a job'

Lots of you in Africa have been posting on the WHYS Facebook page to tell us how bad the situation is on your continent. Enos calls it the 'biggest threat Africa is facing.'

Amy from Australia posts,

'...coming to the UK I'm shocked by how many people are continuing in higher education they're not interested in and racking up debt because they can't find work and need something to do.'

Your Info Babe tweets,

'Youth unemployment reaches an all time high. Congrats Barack Obama for managing to crush the hopes and dreams of an entire generation!'

It seems that the youth are the worst hit by the recesssion. They're three times as likely as adults to be unemployed and study opportunities may be limited as the number of university places shrinks.

Not everyone is sympathetic to their plight.  Jenn on the Political Jungle blog wonders why they can't clean toilets.

Jon Fisher on his blog says the 1980s recession was worse than what we are experiencing now. Are things as bad as they were for previous generations? Is this just a fact of life in a recession?

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