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On Air: Your Questions on Somalia

WHYS Team WHYS Team | 17:14 UK time, Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Hi Nuala here.

We asked you to post your ideas for today's show on our Facebook page and so many of responded that you want to talk further about the Uganda attacks, and in particular the role of Somalia.

Here's what a few of you had to say:

Joseph in Portland posted

Why has Al-Shabab, a militant fundamentalist group, targeted two restaurants and sporting venues, beyond the borders of Somalia and chosen such a vicious attack well inside Uganda? Ultimately, is the international community responsible for the mayhem in Somalia?

Mohammed in Kampala says:

The fight on terror is not an African fight, it is America's war which Africa should not be included. We should not send troops to Somalia to fight America's enemy.

Otine Andrew Ocen wrote:

Hi, let's talk about pulling out Ugandan troops from Somalia or beefing them up to really give Al-Shabab a run for its money

Today, we're going to have a number of experts about Somalia to chat with you and answer your questions on the attacks and Somalia.

Please post your questions and comments below.

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