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On air: Is it your duty to help the police ?

Mark Sandell Mark Sandell | 14:17 UK time, Monday, 5 July 2010

policestation.jpgInterpol - the international police agency - wants YOUR help to find hundreds of fugitives wanted for murder or rape or other serious crimes.

SAfricanpolice.jpg26 names are being circulated and they want internet users to work through chatrooms and social networking sites to bring them in.:

"It is more likely that someone will recognize one these fugitives from a social networking site or a chatroom than spotting them walking down the street, ....no matter how a member of the public has the information, we would ask that they pass it on." said Martin Cox from the organisation.

Is it in everyone's interests that we help the police ? - does it depend on the crime ? (i.e you might turn a blind eye to some petty theft but not, say, a hit and run accident) or your culture or history ? (no-one likes a "grass" for example) .

Or is catching criminals "their" job ? Why should your risk your safety to help people who are paid to protect you ?

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