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Haiti , six months on - still feeling the shocks...

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Mark Sandell Mark Sandell | 13:34 UK time, Monday, 12 July 2010

haiticemetery.jpgWHYS was in Haiti a few months ago and judging by the reports from our colleagues coming out of Port-Au-Prince, not a lot has improved.


Despite millions of dollars of aid pledged- and a good deal of it actually delivered - the mayor of one town an hour's drive from the capital, said :

" It still looks like the earthquake hit yesterday"

More than a million people are still homeless, many piles of rubble lay unmoved..

haitiorphan.jpgThe catalogue of problems include :

* A delay in the publication , let alone execution - of the government's reconstruction plan..

* Almost all of the Government ministries were devastated during the quake...

* International donors have yet to come up with all the reconstruction money..and the worldwide recession has hit donations...

* Haiti's long term political and social problems have slowed the rate of progress...

So has the rest of the world let Haiti down ? Or is there only so much you can do in 6 months ?

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