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The World Cup Have Your Say awards

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Mark Sandell Mark Sandell | 11:00 UK time, Saturday, 10 July 2010


Update: It's nearly time for the World Cup Have Your Say awards to be announced - but there's still time for you to put your nominations in.

The original entry, explaining the idea and published in June, is below.


Cheer up Raymond, you might still win something - even if it's just one of the World Cup Have Your Say Awards.

I would say Mr Domenech could be a shoo-in for "The Least Gracious Loser" award after his refusal to shake the hand of Bafana Bafana coach Carlos Alberto Parreira - but that's in your hands.

Here's the full list we need you to vote for :

1) Best Goal

tshabalala.jpgTshabalala's peach of an opener? Either of the Japanese free-kicks which ended Denmark's World Cup? Or the second goal for Carlos Tevez yesterday - which was pretty much unstoppable.

2) Least Gracious Loser

I've already outlined the case for the ex-France coach, but there may be others to steal his crown before the tournament's over...

3) Most Baffling Substitution

capello.jpgCould be a landslide for Fabio Capello this as England, badly needing a goal, take off Defoe (who'd scored in the last game) for Emile Heskey (7 goals in 59 international appearances)...

4) Best Fans

South Africa's for setting the vuvuzela tone of the World Cup and backing an ordinary team against the odds? England's for being loud and numerous enough to drown out those same vuvuzelas?

vuvuzela.jpg5) The Vuvuzela Award For Blowing Your Own Trumpet - or the "it-s-all-about-you" award...

The World Cup's best self-publicist - Sepp Blatter? Franz Beckenbauer, the peerless Diego Maradona? Or Patrice Evra or Nichola Anelka?

6) Worst Miss

Is this one heading for Nigeria and to you, Mr Yakubu ?

7) Most Patronised Team

Which "minnow" got the most verbal equivalents of a pat on the head? North Korea? Slovenia? (The size of Greater Manchester we were told). Greece and their "unpronounceable" names? New Zealand? Over to you...

8) Most Over-Used Phrase

Again, another one for the commentators and pundits, but within minutes of England going out of the World Cup, I heard the phrase "over-paid prima donnas" a few times... send us your nominations...

9) One Thing We'll Miss About South Africa 2010

The ubiquitous vuvuzelas?

10) One Thing We Won't Miss About South Africa 2010

See above...

Keep your votes and nominations coming in and feel free to suggest more categories. We've already had two more - Worst Dressed Coach and Player Who Looks Most Like An American President. 

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