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A first for Latin America

Alicia Trujillo Alicia Trujillo | 07:32 UK time, Thursday, 15 July 2010

Today is the first time I have seen a trending topic on Twitter which was in spanish, it was matrimoniogay#, this is because Argentina has become the first country in Latin America to legalise gay marriage. The vote was debated for 14 hours, and passed by 6 votes. This article says 200'000 people protested against the law outside the Senate.

edelcarril tweets in spanish: you make me feel sad Argentina.

GuillermolopezV tweets : Congratulations Argentina on Approving gay marriage! I'm so proud as a Latin American.

jadaoz‎: Congrats to Argentina for being the first Latin American country to legalize gay marriage and gay couples to adopt kids!

The BBC has received lots of emails on this subject :

Elian in Buenos Aires says:

Most Argentines feel that our wishes were not represented today. Me and my family have participated on that protest against this same-sex marriage because of their controversial possibility of adopting children, we have no problem with gays and their proper rights to have the same rights, but CHILDREN is what we care and worry about, children have right to rise in a natural environment which just a proper family can offer.

Others feel proud like Damian who also emails from Buenos Aires:

I'm very happy and proud of this outcome. I'm not homosexual, and probably it will not affect me or my close circle directly at all., but this will help building a better society. With gay marriage legalized, homosexual relations will be seen more "normal", it will be considered in school education, and discrimination will diminish. A society where we respect and don't discriminate each other is peaceful and happier for everyone.

The story has been picked up by newspapers and websites not just in Latin America but also by The Times of India, The Dawn in Pakistan, Angola and in the US.

PJFormaini comments on CNN :

It'd OFFICIAL!! Gay marriage has come to South America! Amazing that, while Americans talk a good game about human rights and freedom, it is OTHER nations that seem to be able to actually ACT on said belief system - and provide social systems that make ours look more and more like a 19th century relic.

This is a first for Latin America, should other countries follow?

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