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What do you think of this video?

Krupa Thakrar Padhy Krupa Thakrar Padhy | 11:57 UK time, Tuesday, 6 April 2010

WARNING: you may find some of the images in this video disturbing

Wikileaks has released a classified US military video showing the shooting of over a dozen people in a suburb of Baghdad, including two Reuters news staff. You can see a longer version of the video here - you might find some of the scenes disturbing.

Keach Hadey believes that it was obvious that the photographers were carrying cameras and not weapons,

'War reporting is dangerous; getting caught in the crossfire is always a risk. But this video shows something else entirely -- reporters killed not despite the fact they were reporters but because of it, attracting fire with the tools of their trade. '

But this blogger insists that Wikileaks has mislead the public.

'Apache helicopters are usually not called out unless ground troops request them. In this case, ground troops were under fire and requested air support... ...No reports of a camera being found at the initial engagement have been revealed...To the contrary, we saw AK 47s, and an RPG was found at the scene of the initial engagement.'

Does the camera ever lie? Is this the peek into Iraq that the US military didn't want you to have?

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