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Moderating your comments

Ros Atkins Ros Atkins | 19:54 UK time, Friday, 9 April 2010

Hi all. A few of you have mentioned frustrations with how this blog is being moderated. So here's a very quick response.

First, the blog's been moderated by the same team as the old one. No change in people or policy.

Second, we ask that all comments are brief (three or four short paragraphs unless there are personal stories to tell), polite, on subject, legally sound and not in capitals. If they're not any of these things, I'm afraid we're not going to publish them.

Third, we don't have facility to explain the precise reasons that each rejected comment has been rejected. If it says 'house rules' it's likely to be one of the above reasons. We will email you when possible, but that's not always going to happen due to time constraints.

Fourth, we do appreciate all of your comments. We have no interest in keeping you out of our discussions. You are after all what makes up WHYS.

Our experience is that if we have clear and well-maintained house rules, we're much more likely to have a conversation that we all enjoy taking part in. I hope you agree.

Feel free to email me if you have any more questions.

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