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London, Toronto, Sydney, New York: Which is the most successful multicultural city?

James Harrod | 19:00 UK time, Friday, 24 August 2007

We're off air now, but you can listen again here and don't forget to post your comments.

FRIDAY'S SHOWl to r, top to bottom: Christina Cherneskey, Rod Quinn, Leonard Lopate, Eddie Nestor and Kath Melandri
To mark the end of "London Calling Week" on the BBC World Service, we're teaming up and simulcasting LIVE with four radio stations in London, Toronto, Sydney and New York...and asking which of these is the most successful multicultural city.

Each station in each city will get equal time to convince the world why they should be awarded the honour. They'll have guests and callers from their local area. At the end of the debate, we'll ask four of our regular listeners to be judge and jury, and state - if they had to move - which city they would relocate to.

Fighting for the English capital is BBC London's Eddie Nestor and Kath Melandri.
Pressing the case for Toronto is Christina Cherneskey from Newstalk 1010 CFRB.
In Sydney, Rod Quinn from ABC Local Radio across Australia is in charge.
Batting for New York is Leonard Lopate from WNYC.

Who should win, and why? Post your comments now.


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