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What's the issue with race?

Ros Atkins Ros Atkins | 17:21 UK time, Thursday, 18 January 2007

Ruth here to blog your views on race during tonight's programme.

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Is Britain racist? The Big Brother debate continues. Is the conduct in the house representative of Britain as a whole? Or has the whole thing been blown out of proportion?

Does caste matter to Indian police? Seventeen bodies, many of them children were found in a house near Delhi. Slum dwellers have been reporting missing children for two years but have been ignored by the police. The government's condemned them but should reform of the Indian police force go further?

Should we ban the swastika? Germany says yes, but Hindus say no - it's a holy symbol to them. What do you think?

Racism in the UK

Steve, Ohio The UK is not the only place where isolationism and racism have risen; here in the States resentment of Indians, Mexicans, and the Chinese is more prominent.

Abedelilah, Morocco it must be remembered that Indians are still the subject of discrimination in their own country because of their social cast. Low cast Indians still live in medieval conditions despite India’s economic and technological boom.

Noreen, racism is not limited to the british, although britain is in the spotlight right now. racism certainly exists in many forms - overt or hidden - arouhd the world.

C. Mohan, I personally feel that there is no racist feeling by Britain and more over the present indian Govt. is having the racist feeling among Indian society much more than any country in the entire world.

Mark, On the whole, I think the British government has gone out of its way to avoid all appearances of racism although there may be people who can point to rare exceptions to back claims to the contrary.

Manini Chatterjee Political Editor India Express, Padmini Kumar social worker, Shyama Perera from the Telegraph and Dipvandana Shah Vice President of the National Hindu Student Forum are in our studios in London and Delhi.

Riddhi, Mumbai used to study in London and says London is different from the rest of the England. This is some element of discrimination in society like all societies.

Gautham Prasad made a controversial video dressed as Gandhi, pole dancing and posted it on You Tube.

Padmini Kumar says it is offensive to some Indian people.

Alan, Spain the media, inc BBC WS, r guilty of, and shld b ashamed of, fueling a fire causng a deplorable incident on a crass prog 2 bcum an Int incident.

David, Ukraine Big Brother is a so called Reality Show, so why are so many getting upset about a small number of people behaving 'real'.

Keval, it is just another example of the ignorance of the west towards other countries and religions. true there are sects and castes, but not in the classical sense as you read in the history books in the west. and if this is the best response these countries should not be called developed countries if they dont want to lead the way.

AJ, Zambia u shud c how the indian community treat the zambian people with disdain! people who live in glass houses shouldnt thro stones

Biraro, Uganda She is Indian, just like I'm African! It is a fact! Stop blowing it out of proportion

Andy, Michigan It's a reality show. Reality is that racism exists. It sucks but it's out there. What do you want? Scripted or censored reality. If you can't handle reality pull the blanket back over your head and stop wasting everyones time. Are we really debating this?

Banning the Swastika

Saeed suggested topic in an email >> While Germany is right in their constant condemnation of Nazi values,
sometimes they go too far and beyond their original intent. In some mild and somewhat remote way, banning display of symbols (such as the swastika) is representative of what one might call Nazi-like values.

Nicole, Michigan Absolutely not! The swastika is an integral part of European history. If we continue to choose to ignore and deny our past (especially when it's painful and horrendous) - the future will never have the opportunity to learn from it.

Karta YuTema, Ghana. Hello World Have Your Say, all these noise about racism and whatnot were really choreographed by the producers of the TV show.

Uncle steven in uganda.There is unnecessarily a big furore about racism. What about degrading casteism which is rampant in India? Millions of low caste Indians are oppressed. People who think europe is heaven have them selves to blame. Come back home and those racists alone.

Sam Accra what is shown on big brother i think is racism but on a higher level it is lack of n difference in culture. In short it does represent a big there is definately racism in da uk maybe not country wide but it does exist and there many victims to it, tho not physical it surely does have emotional impact.

David in Kent, Racist.ask your panel to leave the bubble of polite society and look at the real britain.


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